How to become a lawyer and live in the United States | Comprehensive Guide

This article will give a comprehensive guide on how to become a lawyer and live in the United State. There are so many requirements for becoming a lawyer in the United State and it differs according to the state or territory where the person wants to practice law.

But the first important thing is to graduate from law school and pass the state bar exam then you will be issued a license to practice law in the United State.

This is is an important and lucrative profession that requires someone to get at least seven years of academic experience from high school and some work.

The information on how to become a lawyer and live the United state has been critical and analyzed to your understanding below

How do you define a law?

The dictionary definition of the law states that “law is a system of rules created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior, with its precise definition a matter of longstanding debate”.

 It has been variously described as a science and the art of justice

What are the types of law?

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The listed categories of law, take care of one thing ‘the responsibilities’.

One needs to make sure if he/she is ready to take the charge and take up this responsible job. Legal implications demand adequate protection of laws by all means.

So, before you decide the type of law you want to measure into, make sure you are ready for a reputed career, which can bring a lot to your table.

There are basically 4 types of law, they include the following;

  • Corporate Law: Lawyers who take care of a business’s legal boundaries.
  • Criminal Law: Lawyers ensuring every citizen to abide by the laws.
  • Energy Law: Lawyers to oversee the taxation of energy and approving licenses to industries.
  • International Law:  Lawyers improving relations of one nation with the other. There also other types of law like commercial law and Mediator Law

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How many years does it take to study law and become a lawyer in the USA?

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The first step in the educational timeline starts when obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

This is completely depending on the path a law student chooses to take. However, and other factors surrounding the educational system such as educational programs that can fast track a bachelor’s degree as well as degree completion programs for students with community college credits.

One important criterion is to as well choose an accredited school. An unaccredited degree may prove worthless to the law student.

A low GPA may also slow the highly competitive law school acceptance process.

However, on average, a bachelor’s degree may take approximately two and a half to five years, allowing for full-time attendance. It does not matter how long it takes to be a lawyer but the success at the end

Do Law schools require any particular bachelor’s degree before I can be enrolled?

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Any bachelor’s degree is allowed for the student wishing to go to law school since there are subjects that will better prepare the student for law school.

Some of the degrees a candidate might have includes; political science, history, criminal justice, or philosophy.

Also, some students will select a typical program from a college or university that can be completed in four to five years as a full time student.

If the student can’t attend fulltime, this will obviously affect how long it takes to complete this portion of their education.

Why do I need to apply for a law school in the U.S if I desire to become a lawyer and live in the US?

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This is because the American law schools and colleges have a long and outstanding tradition in excellent academic teaching.

You may also want to take into consideration the annual ranking is also important when making your decision.

Also, the teaching method (Socrates method) helps students to get a better understanding of what they are doing.

What is the Socrates method?

Socrates’ method is a popular practice in terms of teaching and learning style in all law schools from the USA is called the Socrates method.

However, this gives the students the opportunity to debate over a topic. Hence, different people bring various philosophical ideas

Law teachers from the U.S. are known to challenge students to analyze and present arguments to various law issues, similar to stating a case in court.

What are the best law schools to attend in the U.S?

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If you’re preparing to apply to law schools in the United States, you are most certainly eager to know which are the best universities and colleges.

Law school rankings from America are by far the most stable ones, which have barely changed in the last 20 years.

Most at times, the only difference is the order of the first ten universities, which is slightly different every year. 

What are the best law schools in the U.S?        

Although some prefer to follow the family tradition and go to a specific college, the one from which all your family members graduated. Others, prefer to get admitted to one of the top three or top five from the ranking.

According to the U.S. News, these are the best law schools in America in 2020

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  • Yale University
  • Stanford University
  • Harvard University
  • Columbia University
  • University of Chicago
  • New York University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Virginia
  • Northwestern University
  • The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

How can I get into the best law school in the United States?

You should know that compared to other countries, law schools in the United States have different requirements.

Below are the steps you need to follow during the admission:

  • Complete a Bachelor’s degree – it can be related to Law studies, but that is not mandatory. Law schools accept all candidates that finished a Bachelor’s degree, regardless of their former fields of study.
  • Take the LSAT – an official exam that tests your critical and analytical abilities – necessary for further pursuing a Law degree.
  • Decide on two or three law schools and start applying.

How can I become a lawyer and live in the United States?

After successfully training in Law school, another step needs to be taking before one can become a genuine lawyer, and that is passing the bar exam.

You can take the bar exam in any state, but you have to select the exact state where you plan to practice law.

What is the bar exams?

bar examination is an examination administered by the bar association of a jurisdiction that a lawyer must pass in order to be admitted to the bar of that jurisdiction.

Where can I take a bar exam?

Each state has its own rules and requirements for bar admission and once you are admitted in one state, most often you will only be allowed to work as a lawyer in that state only.

Therefore, it is advisable to take a bar test in the state you desire to practice

Although there are some exceptions, as some states have signed agreements in this sense, giving law professionals the right to practice without having to take another bar exam.

Can a foreign-trained lawyer take a bar exam in the United State?

Yes! For anyone taking the bar as a foreign lawyer, preparing for the bar exam is usually challenging.

Nevertheless, the foreign-trained lawyers should prepare for that

Most American law students spend months preparing to sit for the bar exam by taking bar review courses and classes and foreign-educated lawyers should consider doing the same.

What are the criteria for foreign-trained lawyers to take a bar?

Foreign-trained lawyers’ are expected to present their results to appropriate authorities for analysis and verification.

Once the candidate is verified and accepted, he/she can take a bar test.

Can a foreign-trained lawyer practice in the United State?

Since lawyers in the U.S. follow a typical path to practice (law school, then the bar exam, plus a few additional requirements).

Even though some law professionals are trained abroad, it can sometimes be difficult to practice law in the U.S. as a foreign-trained lawyer.

What should I do as a foreign-trained lawyer to live and practice law in the US?

Some states offer foreign trained lawyers, accelerated J.D. degrees. This is to get them to the point of bar exam eligibility in that jurisdiction.

Earning a J.D. at an ABA-approved law school is the only way you’ll be able to practice law in all other states where foreign legal education isn’t recognized.


with this information at your finger tips, we believe you can confidently take right decisions as regards to living and practicing law in the united states.

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