Hello, in this tutorial ( that include a video), you will learn how to make money with Expertnaire, and our goal is that you earn up to 500,000 Naira and more on monthly basis.

How to Make Money with Expertnaire – Earn over 500,000 Naira Monthly

Hello, in this tutorial ( that includes a video), you will learn how to make money with Expertnaire, and our goal is that you earn up to 500,000 Naira and more on monthly basis.

If you don’t know expertnaire is an affiliate marketing platform that deals with trusted and high-quality digital products. From reviews from friends and top affiliate marketing experts in Nigeria, we are almost concluding the platform is one of the most-paying affiliate technology in around digital products in Africa.

Truth or not? You are about to find out how. You can also use the link below to watch my video on this topic and practically how you can navigate through the platform if you care to hit this target.

What you must understand about affiliate marketing

The first time I read and watched some of my friends share affiliate marketing ideas and how much one could make, it just appeared too juicy to be true.

Some happened when I’d become fully convinced; I was simply too excited to jump into making my first sales.

But here is the point if you must succeed as an affiliate marketer you must embrace a simple truth- work.

Follow the guides outlined in this work, to learn how you can come on-board with strategies that don’t fail at will.

People have earned millions weekly from the comfort of their homes doing simple tasks that you too can start doing.

What separates the class of earlier who command 6-7 figures weekly or monthly may not go far from the fragments of information that you skipped on blog posts and YouTube videos.

How to Make Money with Expertnaire

Without wasting much time, I will start by explaining the various ways one can make money from expertnaire, and they are as follow:

OPTION ONE: How to MAKE MONEY Promoting People’s Products

With expertnaire, some of the products offer up to 80% commission and this makes the platform one of the best in Africa.

  1. Pick a Product
  2. Create Sales Funnel
  3. Get People to View it
  4. Make Money

OPTION TWO: HOW to make money as a vendor (selling your own products)

As a vendor, you must have an acceptable product for sale. In this plan, you do not have to worry about how your work will be sold; affiliate marketers will do the job.

  1. Send an email to help@expertnaire.com to request
  2. You will get a feedback
  3. Other Affiliates will help you promote your products

Option Three: How to make money by encouraging others to register

When you recommend this platform and people register through your affiliate links, you earn N3, 000 per head instantly. 

How to Register(Sign Up) for Expertnaire

With 10,000 Naira (about $25) you will sign up for a lifetime and start making money from any of the options that these tutorials entail.

How can you Earn up to 500,000 Naira Monthly?

Getting people to pay for the digital products listed in expertnaire is not the problem, it is about knowing which product will attract more users with purchase intent. So in this video as well you will learn how to discover these well-selling products.

But I want you to look at this calculation very carefully before we begin:

10,000 x 50 = 500,000

5000 x 100 = 500,000

30000 x 170 = 300,000

(This suggest that if 500k is your target for the month, you should target affiliate products that worth from N3000 to 10,000 and here is the number of buyers to target)

So, to a very large extend, it may not be as simple as we say them, we are all going to do the work together. But do not forget that your ability to make money from these platforms depends on the following:

  1. Your Credibility
  2. Your Audience Size
  3. Your Digital Marketing insights 

Frequently Asked Questions about Expertnaire

Why Sales funnel?

We recommend sales funnel as the suitable page (with autoresponder) and an email listing feature. This will help you describe whatever products you sale, and also help you gather the email addresses of your prospects.

You can also use the video below, to learn how to make create sales funnel with an email list and be able to drive traffic to these different pages from different platforms.

Share your Pages

Even before you register for the platform you need to consider these methods. You can get your product affiliate links to share on your WhatsApp status, Facebook pages and groups, churches, and among your friends.

But in our next video, you will learn more other strategies that work better if you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer in Africa.

When and how do I get paid?

Expertnaire pays every weekend (ON Friday). So you don’t need to wait till the end of the month. To signup for Expertnair and the Sales Funnel, do use the link on the description below

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