Nursing Job Abroad without IELTS - List of Countries to Consider

Nursing Job Abroad without IELTS in 2024 – Apply Now

Discover places to get a nursing job abroad without IELTS in most English-with official links to commence application. This career helps you know those countries to work abroad without IELTs as a Nurse and skilled workforce and eligible citizen.

Most of these mandatory waivers come in for some exceptional conditions in countries like Germany, United States, Canada and other English Language speaking countries. In some cases, you are just eligible for one reason or the other and this guide will also expose you to a number of current openings to begin your preparation and application.

It is also noteworthy that this post is solely for information purposes, because dozens of skilled workers like you also desire to know about these which countries that do not require IELTS for nurses; and here is a guide to get you started.

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Before the list, here is a number of things you really need to know about IELTS as a requirement for jobs – as it affects nursing and other types of jobs abroad:

Reasons Countries Need IELTS from Nurses and Other Skilled Workers

  1. Language Proficiency: IELTS is a standardized test that assesses an individual’s English language proficiency. Countries require IELTS scores to ensure that foreign workers have the necessary language skills to communicate effectively in their new environment.
  2. Patient Safety: In professions like nursing, clear communication between healthcare professionals and patients is crucial. By demanding IELTS scores, countries aim to ensure that nurses can effectively communicate with patients, understand medical instructions, and provide safe and quality care.
  3. Government Regulations: Some countries have specific government regulations that mandate certain language requirements for foreign workers. IELTS scores serve as a measure of compliance with these regulations.
  4. Integration into Society: Language proficiency is often seen as a key factor in successful integration into the host country’s society. By requiring IELTS scores, countries aim to facilitate the integration process for foreign workers and enhance their ability to adapt to their new environment.
  5. Standardization: IELTS is recognized and accepted worldwide as a reliable test for assessing language proficiency. Requiring IELTS scores helps ensure a standardized and consistent evaluation of language skills across different countries.

It’s important to note that while IELTS scores are commonly requested, requirements may vary between countries and professions. It’s always advisable to check the specific requirements of the country you are interested in working in.

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List of Countries Not Requiring IELTS for Nursing Jobs

Some Non-English speaking countries do not require English Language proficiency for issuance of visa and work permit for some skilled workers such as for nursing jobs; these countries include:

  1. Egypt
  2. Denmark
  3. Japan
  4. France
  5. Italy
  6. Indonesia
  7. Jordan
  8. Turkey
  9. Norway
  10. Chile
  11. Brazil

Note: These countries could have other yardsticks to ensure your effective communication at the workplace, and for such reason, you will need to study each of the openings to ascertain their basic requirement. Also, there are jobs in most English-speaking countries that may not place English Language Proficiency as a measure; so long you have the skills and required license to operate in that country.

One of the most effective ways to source these jobs and also remain up to date when organizations, governments and individuals are hiring, is to know the job platforms.

Where to Get Nursing Jobs Abroad

From this section, you need to look up! There are several platforms out there with lots of job listings and openings. However, we are presenting you with two top recommendations, for skilled workers globally.

These are platforms to get the best career and job updates and meet recruiters from industries across organizations and governments of best destinations, for skilled workers and professionals.

Go Abroad

To help you navigate, here is the nursing job career page and all you need to do is, select your desired country to search for available openings.


Indeed is another recruiting platform for jobs abroad, and it has years of inviable antecedents in connecting skilled workers with local and international recruiters. Here is the nursing job page of the well-rated local and international job platform; and you can also search with the specific job you are looking for.


There is an establishment where you can create job accounts from your current location, apply for jobs and have your interview online for jobs abroad. In most of these exercises, there may be no need to hire any agent as your employers would love to connect with you

On the other hand, it is important to prepare for your interview and keep learning how to face such career stages.

Since you have valuable skills, quite a few popular devices could stand you out with a job offer faster than you could imagine.

Tip 1: You can visit the homepage of any of the job sites to search with the term “No Ielts, Nurse jobs” and you will be shown those hiring.

Tip 2: Keep your documents handy ( have them scanned in required sizes), and also have your CV ready. To create a high-quality CV that gets recruiters’ attention, you can follow this free guide.

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Tip 3: Since you are searching for career opportunities abroad, it is time to have basic skills such as opening your email daily, checking all inboxes ( including spam box) and also learning how to write, forward, reply and create emails.

Tip 4: Learn about each of the companies and organizations you are applying to, also ascertain your eligibility from the job description; even before applying. You can also check out this comprehensive guide on how to get nursing jobs abroad.


Answering what others are asking about nursing career abroad, nations that accept foreign workers and their requirements, will surely help you make more informed decisions on your next efforts.

Which country can nurses work in without IELTS?

Here are countrie that do nurses not need IELTS, with or without other means of proving your english language fluency – depending on regions and visa options.

Most countries offer nursing jobs to candidates who have the skills and experience to work in hospitals. In some exceptional cases, countries like Canada, United States of America and other English speaking countries offer nursing jobs without IELTS and other language requirements.

The caveat here is how critical it is that you ascertain your qualification for any visa or relocation process. generally, examples of countries where nurses can work without IELTS include Germany among many others listed here

Can I work as nurse in Canada without IELTS?

Yes, you can work in Canada as a nurse without IELTS as a mandatory requirement. However, 100% of the visa issued to foreign workers, without IELTS requirement, is only issued by one merit or the other. These merits then depend on your country, your career, other alternative languages based on the province or state you intend to work in the country.

Can I apply nursing job in UK without IELTS?

As a Nurse with your Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), you can work in UK without IELTS as a mandatory requirement. To know where you fall for such job offers, it is important to study this guide and also learn how to search and find other jobs from your dream destination.

With the minimum Nursing certification for a position, you can go to UK as a nurse without IELTS or OET. However,, what applies to other English-speaking countries applies to working in Australia without IELTS, as a nurse ( it depends on the peculiarity of the position, role and alternative language proficiency)

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Can I work in Australia as a nurse without IELTS?

With, at least a Diploma in Nursing, you can get a job and also work in Australia without IELTS and popular English Language testing. Also, this guide contains top job sites with current job openings abroad.

Which country are nurses highly paid?

A blog research showcase countries with highest salaries for Nurses, as Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Canada with other top destinations. As a result, many pay attention to these countries that are perceived to pay nurses the best. You may also look away and do some due diligence on the topic to make more informed decision on your quest to relocate for better career opportunities.

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