Seven (7) Must Have Travelling Documents for International Student | 2020

Seven (7) Must Have Travelling Documents for International Student | 2021

The Seven (7) Must Have Travelling Documents for International Student in 2021 preparing to travel abroad for your undergraduate or master’s programs.

You’ve probably travelled halfway across the world to get to your American university, Canada University, U.K University, and many other prominent universities.

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You probably feel you have seen enough airports, experienced too many layovers, and gone through enough immigration control points to last you a couple of years, at least!

However, that shouldn’t mean you can’t travel anymore, once you’ve got the must-have traveling documents with you, you are safe.

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There may be emergencies that will require you to return to your home country, academic assignments that require you to travel to a foreign country.

With your heart full of Joy, it would be easy to forget some of the essential documents you will need at your point of entry or during your time in school.

These travel documents for international students will ensure you have all your academic and required travel documents in one place.

Seven (7) Must Have Travelling Documents for International Student | 2021

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The worst thing to forget is your important travel documents. Without them, you may not be able to take your trip.

Whether you are traveling within the United States, Canada, France, or traveling oversees, this list can help ensure you are packing the documentation you need in order to have a great trip.

  1. Passport : 

The top of the list of travel documents for international students is, of course, your international passport. Keep your passport near you at all times.

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You will need it to board your plane and get through customs in the United States. Once you have arrived, you will use your passport to prove your age and identity.

2. Flight Documents: 

You will need your airline tickets to get through security checkpoints and board the plane. Keep a paper copy of your flight itinerary as well.

Do not rely solely on your mobile phone to store these important documents in case the battery drains during a long flight.

3. Student Visa:

You will need to show your student visa at your point of entry. Keep it with your passport.

4. Form I-20 : 

Keep your Form I-20 with your passport also. You will need the original, signed copy to show the customs officer at your point of entry.

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5. Admissions Letter: 

Officials at your point of entry may also ask to see your admissions letter to prove your destination. Keep a copy of your passport.

6. Health Insurance Documents:

 Although you hope you will not need to use your medical insurance documents during your time in the United States, you should bring them with you.

7.  Medical Records: Take all copies of your medical records in case you need to see a doctor while you are in the United States.

8. Academic Record Documents: Pack all copies of transcripts, class schedules, and other necessary documents. Although your university should have these documents available, you will save time by bringing your own copies.

9. Contact List: This list should include contacts in the U.S. and your home country who can help you if travel plans change or if you encounter an emergency.

Include contact information for the international office at your college as well as your counselor, your family, and anyone you know in the United States.

More Helpful Facts About Your Travel Documents

Your travel documents are the most important items you will pack for your trip to the United States.

Remember, you can buy many of the things you need when you arrive, but you must have original copies of these documents to enter the country and start your first year of college.

• Carry all originals documents in a personal bag or wallet that stays with you at all times. Do not pack travel documents in your checked bags. You will need to be able to access most of them during your trip.

• Endeavored to make photocopies of all documents and pack the photocopies in a different bag from the originals. That way, if one of your bags is lost or stolen, you can more easily replace these essential documents. Good lucky guy!!!!!


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