University of Calgary Admission | $20,000 Worth Scholarship

Discover University of Calgary admission requirements, scholarships, tuition and every information you need as an international or domestic student. Begin your application journey with a handful of information that are designed to assist you.

Situated amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Calgary, the University of Calgary stands tall as a beacon of academic excellence. Established in 1966, this institution has consistently evolved to become a leading research university, fostering innovation and shaping future leaders across various disciplines.

University of Calgary Admission

Embarking on your academic journey at the University of Calgary is an exciting prospect. The admission process is designed to welcome a diverse community of students, both domestic and international, into its vibrant learning environment.

Whether you’re pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies, the university offers a range of programs to cater to diverse interests and career aspirations.

Undergraduate Programs

Embark on a transformative academic journey at the University of Calgary, consistently ranked among Canada’s top research universities. With a diverse array of over 250 undergraduate programs, the university opens the doors to a world of possibilities.

Choose your path from state-of-the-art creative labs, engage in hands-on learning experiences, and benefit from invaluable mentorship opportunities. Beyond imparting knowledge, UCalgary ingrains entrepreneurial thinking into the fabric of every program, fostering innovation and preparing students to take on the challenges of the future. The stage is set — are you ready to start something big?

Graduate Programs

For those seeking to elevate their expertise and contribute to groundbreaking research, the University of Calgary offers over 170 degrees across 65 graduate programs.

This esteemed institution attracts individuals from across Canada and around the world, providing a hub for knowledge enhancement, career pathway creation, and pioneering research pursuits.

The entrepreneurial thinking that defines UCalgary permeates each graduate program, encouraging individuals to explore new horizons and drive positive change. Ready to ignite your next academic endeavor? The University of Calgary awaits.

Professional and Continuing Education

The University of Calgary offer over 1,200 courses and seminars, along with 70 sought-after certificate programs. Our goal is to assist working professionals in adapting to the evolving labor market, while also providing avenues for curiosity-seekers to achieve personal enrichment.

University of Calgary’s courses are not only relevant and in-demand but also rooted in best practices. Are you ready to embark on a journey of learning and discover something new

Tuition at University of Calgary

Understanding the financial aspect of education is crucial. At the University of Calgary, tuition fees vary based on factors such as program, level of study, and residency status. While tuition is an investment in your future, the university provides a range of financial aid options, ensuring accessibility to quality education.

University of Calgary Application Fee Waiver

As part of its commitment to inclusivity, the University of Calgary offers application fee waivers for eligible candidates. This initiative aims to reduce barriers and make the application process more accessible. Prospective students are encouraged to explore the criteria for fee waivers, enhancing the opportunity for a diverse pool of applicants.

Admission Requirements

To successfully secure a spot at the University of Calgary, it’s essential to understand and fulfill the admission requirements. These requirements may vary based on the program and level of study.

Factors such as academic performance, standardized test scores, and prerequisite courses play a role in the selection process. Detailed information on admission criteria is available on the university’s official website.

What are the documents required to study at the University of Calgary?

In pursuit of academic endeavors in University of Calgary, it is imperative to meticulously assemble the requisite documentation that most Canadian institutions demand. The following list outlines the formalities necessary to facilitate your study in Canada:

  1. Letter of Acceptance (LOA): Issued by the Canadian educational institution, the Letter of Acceptance serves as formal confirmation of enrollment in a specific academic program.
  2. Valid Passport: Ensure that your passport possesses validity for the entire duration of your stay in Canada.
  3. Study Permit: A fundamental requirement for most international students, the Study Permit is an official document granted by the Canadian government, enabling authorized study within the country.
  4. Temporary Resident Visa (TRV): Depending on one’s nationality, a TRV may be requisite for entry into Canada. It is imperative to ascertain whether this visa is necessary in conjunction with the study permit.
  5. Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA): Certain students may need an eTA, an essential entry prerequisite for air travel to Canada from visa-exempt nations.
  6. Proof of Financial Support: Substantiating your capacity to cover tuition fees, living expenditures, and return transportation is imperative. This necessitates the provision of financial proof, including bank statements or sponsorship letters.
  7. Proof of Identity: Furnish official proof of identity, such as a national identity card or driver’s license.
  8. Passport-sized Photographs: Include recent passport-sized photographs adhering to stipulated requirements.
  9. Medical Examination Certificate: Depending on circumstances, some students may be mandated to undergo a medical examination to ensure compliance with health and safety standards.
  10. English/French Language Proficiency: For programs not conducted in the student’s native language, proficiency in English or French must be established through recognized language tests like IELTS or TOEFL.
  11. Academic Transcripts and Certificates: Provide comprehensive academic transcripts and certificates from prior educational institutions to substantiate your academic background.
  12. Statement of Purpose (SOP): Certain institutions may necessitate a formal Statement of Purpose outlining academic and career aspirations.
  13. Resume/CV: Particularly pertinent for postgraduate programs, submit a detailed resume or curriculum vitae.
  14. Travel Itinerary: Outline your travel plans encompassing arrival and departure details.
  15. Proof of Accommodation: Some immigration authorities may necessitate evidence of arranged accommodations during your stay.

It is imperative to meticulously review the specific requisites of the University of Calgary, for admission and the Canadian immigration authorities. Requirements may vary contingent on factors such as the academic program, nationality, and additional considerations. It is incumbent upon the applicant to ensure the meticulous compilation of all essential documents prior to the submission of the study permit application

Scholarships at University of Calgary

Recognizing and rewarding academic excellence, the University of Calgary offers a range of scholarships for deserving students. These scholarships cover various categories, including academic achievement, leadership, and community involvement.

Prospective students are encouraged to explore these opportunities to alleviate the financial burden of education and enhance their overall university experience.

One of the most famous scholarship opportunism at the University of Calgary is its entrance examination program.

University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship

  • Award Value: $20,000 (Renewable)
  • Number of Awards: 2
  • Application Process: High School Prestige Awards Competition
  • Donor: University of Calgary/Enrolment Services

Award Description:

The University of Calgary, through the High School Prestige Awards Competition, annually presents the opportunity for recognition and support to exceptional undergraduate international students embarking on their first year in any undergraduate degree during the upcoming fall term.

Renewability: The awarded amount of $20,000 is renewable in the second, third, and fourth years at the University of Calgary, contingent upon the recipient maintaining a commendable GPA of 2.60 or above. Renewal is subject to achieving this GPA over a minimum of 24.00 units in the preceding fall and winter terms. Furthermore, recipients must continue to pay the international differential tuition fee as applicable to international students.

To learn more about this particular scholarship, we are referring you to the official page, from the institution’s website – from where you an get started.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants must have satisfied the University of Calgary’s English Language Proficiency requirement.
  • International students required to pay international tuition fees are eligible.
  • Applicants must not be Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada.

Selection Criteria: The award is merit-based, with a focus on academic excellence. Successful candidates will be those who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements and potential for continued success throughout their undergraduate studies.

This prestigious award not only acknowledges academic merit but also encourages and supports the ongoing educational journey of international students at the University of Calgary.

Exploring Beyond Admission: Additional Insights

Beyond the admission process, the University of Calgary boasts a vibrant campus life. From cutting-edge research facilities to a plethora of extracurricular activities, students have ample opportunities to engage, learn, and grow. The university’s commitment to sustainability and community impact adds an extra layer of depth to the overall student experience.

In conclusion, the University of Calgary stands as a dynamic institution committed to providing a holistic education experience. From a seamless admission process to a diverse array of scholarships, the university paves the way for students to excel academically and personally.

As you embark on your academic journey, consider the University of Calgary as a prime destination for a transformative and enriching educational experience.

School Website : Calgary

The official website of the University of Calgary is

Scholarship Opportunities at the University of Calgary

Students: Apply Now for Jason Lang and Louise McKinney Scholarships

The application window for the Jason Lang/Louise McKinney Scholarship is now open on the MyUCalgary portal ( We invite Alberta students continuing their full-time studies in the upcoming Fall/Winter term to submit their applications. The previous application period commenced on July., and the deadline for Fall submissions is September.

Learn more about this award»

Campus: Indigenous Careers Award Application

The Indigenous Careers Award application is currently accessible through the MyUCalgary portal ( We encourage Indigenous students residing in Alberta, enrolled full-time for the Fall/Winter term, to take advantage of this opportunity. The previous application process commenced around , and the Fall deadline for submissions is October.

Learn more about this award»

As the vibrant colors of yellow leaves signify the arrival of fall on our campus, we are dedicated to supporting diversity and excellence in education. Take the opportunity to explore and apply for these prestigious awards that recognize and empower students on their academic journey.

Empowering Women in STEM: Scholarship Opportunity

The University of Calgary is pleased to announce the availability of the Women in STEM Scholarship, specifically tailored to support and empower women pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

Application Process: The application process for the Women in STEM Scholarship is now open, providing a unique opportunity for aspiring female professionals to advance their education and careers in these critical disciplines.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to women actively pursuing studies in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.
  • Full-time enrollment in the upcoming academic term.

How to Apply: Interested candidates can access the application through the university’s designated portal, ensuring that all necessary documentation is submitted accurately.

This scholarship not only serves as a testament to our commitment to diversity and inclusion but also aims to foster excellence in STEM fields by providing support to talented and ambitious women. We encourage eligible candidates to seize this opportunity and take a significant step forward in their educational and professional journey.

For more details or to initiate your application, please visit the scholarship application portal. Invest in your future and be a driving force in the world of STEM!

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How long does it take University of Calgary to give admission?

University of Calgary Admission Timeline

For international students seeking admission to the University of Calgary, the institution typically announces admission decisions within a timeframe of 4-6 weeks from the date of application and document submission.

It’s important to note that the university permits students to apply for a maximum of 5 programs at the University of Calgary. This streamlined process ensures timely communication of decisions, allowing prospective students to plan their academic journey efficiently.

If you have submitted your application, anticipate hearing back from the university regarding your admission status within this specified timeframe.

How much is the acceptance fee for Calgary university?

To accept your offer of admission at the University of Calgary, a non-refundable admissions deposit of $500 is required. This deposit will be applied toward your first-year tuition fees. As part of the acceptance process, it is essential to register in at least one course during your admission term.

For students seeking an application fee waiver, we usually advise you to contact the admission office or learn more about admission requirements before proceeding.

All this information can be found on the website of each of the institutions in this list. It’s crucial to explore and understand the specific policies and procedures related to application fees and waivers for a seamless application process.

You can also go through out list of universuities in Canada that waive application fee for eligible international and domestic students here:

Read: Schools in Canada that Waive Application Fee for International Students

What GPA do you need to get into University of Calgary?

To gain admission to the University of Calgary, on average, students typically need a GPA of 3.3 or an average grade score in the 85% and up range for undergraduate studies.

It’s important to note that the competition can be particularly intense for UCalgary’s graduate schools, requiring prospective students to present their best academic achievements to secure a spot. The specific GPA requirements may vary across programs, so it’s advisable to check the admission criteria for the particular program you are interested in pursuing.

Does University of Calgary require IELTS for Nigerian students?

Yes, for Nigerian students applying to the University of Calgary, there is an English Language Proficiency Requirement. The university accepts the most commonly submitted language tests, including the TOEFL with a minimum score of 86 or the IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5.

It’s crucial for applicants to fulfill this requirement to ensure effective communication and academic success at the University of Calgary. However, we stick to our culture of advising you to contact the admissions office of any of the schools intend to enroll with; to ascertain your eligibility for certain waivers, such as language testing score demand.

Is Calgary a good city for international students?

Calgary stands out as an excellent city for international students, and a good place to live in. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Livability Index 2022, Calgary is recognized as the world’s third most livable city.

This ranking underscores the city’s exceptional quality of life and makes it a top choice for international students seeking to pursue education and potentially settle in Canada. The welcoming environment, diverse culture, and high standard of living contribute to making Calgary an ideal destination for those embarking on their academic journey.

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