2021 University of Regina Scholarships (to Study in Canada)

2021 University of Regina Scholarships (to Study in Canada)

Here is everything you need to know about the University of Regina Scholarships, requirements on admission, application time, acceptance rate and tuition for for international students and Canadians.

The University of Regina is a full-fledged public research institute in Canada that is leading in offering scholarships to international students and other students from Canada.

In this detailed page, you will learn about the University of Regina undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs and requirements for application.

And most importantly, the types of scholarships you can aim at, with how to apply as guides for all Jobreaders. And we start with the various scholarship programs:

University of Regina Entrance Scholarship

The UR International has created these special entrance scholarships specifically for international students. There is no other specific requirement or application for this scholarship.

This scholarship/award directly intervenes with up to $200,000 annually. Eligible students who win these scholarships are automatically awarded $3,000 (three thousand dollars) as a student who is applying directly from secondary school (or equivalent) to undergo a direct-entry undergraduate program in the school.

Another condition is that the students must have an early-conditional admission average of 85.00% or higher and be enrolled in nine credit hours in the semester the award is presented.

How to Discover Scholarships

Anyone can browse the entire awards inventory on SAMS (Student Award Management System) to see every scholarship, award and bursary offered.

SAMS is the new online Student Awards Management System.  You can use SAMS two ways:

  • Public search page: Visit SAMS and log-in as a guest!  Anyone can browse the entire awards inventory; see award values, eligibility criteria and application deadlines without creating a log-in account.
  • Secure log in page: U of R students can register to use the secure SAMS site to see their own academic information, apply online for awards, and see a summary of past awards received.

Who is Eligible for UR Scholarships?

Every award has different requirements. Some are based on your program of study while others look at activities and financial need. You review the criteria for all awards online then apply for as many as you feel qualified for. Just make sure you highlight how you meet the criteria for the awards you are applying for.

Awards are funded by the University of Regina, the Government of Saskatchewan, or through private donor donations. You will know if an award is donor funded because the name of the award will have a person/ group/organization’s name attached to it. We are grateful to our donors for making these awards possible and for supporting our students. If you are selected for a donor-funded award, please take the time to thank your donor.

University of Regina (UR) Scholars Entrance Scholarship

This prestigious award is given to the top three students in three specific regions identified annually throughout the world.  Assuming the student meets the criteria each year, they will receive automatically $5,000 each school year for up to 4 years!  In addition to the financial assistance, these students will be invited to meet with the President of the University of Regina each year for a Circle of Scholars event. Students entering an Undergraduate Degree in the Fall Semester will be automatically eligible for this award.

University Of Regina Undergraduate International Student Welcome Solidarity Scholarship and Housing Support – Extended

The University of Regina has extended the Undergraduate International Student Welcome Solidarity Scholarship and Housing Support to new undergraduate international students who will pursue their academic journey with the University of Regina starting from winter 2021 term or Spring/Summer 2021 term. The criteria details are as follows:

New students that register for only the winter 2021 term or only for the Spring/Summer 2021 term will receive a $1,000 CAD tuition credit upon arrival and registration in the Fall 2021 term

Students that register for both Winter 2021 term and Spring/Summer 2021 term will receive a $2,000 CAD tuition credit upon arrival and registration in Fall 2021 term

Students that register for both Winter 2021 term and Spring/Summer 2021 term or only Winter 2021 term will a receive a $2,000 CAD credit towards the on campus housing rent for Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 terms ($1,000 CAD per term)

Continuing Scholarships and Awards

The Continuing Scholarships and Awards for undergraduates are for are for those undergraduate students who have already successfully completed at least one semester at the University of Regina.

Students can look up awards and apply online using SAMS (Student Awards Management System). 

Here are some tips to help you get a head start:

  • Review the award descriptions on SAMS
  • Look at the application requirements in the descriptions and you can get a head start on the requirements
  • Preparing your personal statement (only one is submitted for all  awards you are applying for)
  • Prepare a list of Extra-Curricular activities and Community Involvement
  • Obtain additional materials required (i.e., letters of reference, writing samples, etc.)

About University of Regina scholarships

The various undergraduate scholarships listed above contain their criteria and eligibility. There are other scholarship opportunities that require application and you can locate that on the school official website:


People Also Ask

These are frequently asked questions about the University of Regina Admission, scholarships, admission rates, tuition, graduate and undergraduate programs. We have carefully followed alumni statements, views from other top reviews, conversations with the institution by some of our direct applicants and these are all gathered to put you through as you dream your ways to study in Canada.

Does University of Regina offer scholarship?

The University of Regina scholarships are available for both the Canadian Students and the international students. It extends to both new students and returning students in various levels. But this article has already provided quality answer to the question on scholarship.

Which colleges offer full scholarships to international students?

University of Regina is one out of the thousand of schools that offer full scholarships for students in Canada. Previously we listed a number of schools in Canada that require little or no application fees from applicants. Also, we included the scholarships (Tuition, other need-based and fully-funded scholarships.

You can access this link page for this list, and the various scholarships offered. This category page also reveals a number of published and yet to be published scholarship opportunities in Canada.

Is University of Regina Good for international students?

We only provide answer this question as to whether the University of Regina is good or not for international students; only because you demonstrate interest.

But from information on its location, tuition, local and internal recognition, you can decide based on your personal needs for education in Canada.

On a general note, the institution has been be vouched for by so many aspiring students and graduates in the recent years.


For everything you need to know about the University of Regina Scholarships, requirements on admission, application time, acceptance rate and tuition for Canadian students and international students


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