407 Academic Programs offered at Jimma University Plus Admission Details

407 Academic Programs Offered at Jimma University ( 2023/2024)

Discover the range of academic programs at Jimma University (for undergraduates, masters PhD across various research departments).

As of the time of making this review, here are the academic programs offered at Jimma University, the tuition information and other undergraduate and postgraduate course requirements and details in the institution and official links.

Enrolling in a university is a big decision, and you don’t need a complicated admissions process slowing you down. At JU they have simplified the application process because they know their students demand accessibility.

To get the process going immediately, you can apply online. It takes approximately 30 minutes for the application to complete. The applicants must be 18 years of age.

Applications are checked with admissions decisions sent within four weeks on a rolling basis. Unless otherwise noted, applications must be submitted by 11:59 am Ethiopian time at the application deadline.

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An Overview of Jimma University

Jimma University, established in 1983, is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the urban setting of the Oromia area of the small town of Jimma (population range of 50,000-249,999 inhabitants).

Jimma University (JU) is a very broad (uniRank enrollment range: 35,000-39,999 students) coeducational Ethiopian higher education institution officially recognized by the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia.

Jimma University (JU) offers courses and programs in different fields of study leading to officially recognized higher education degrees, such as bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees.

See the uniRank degree levels and research matrix regions below for further information. This 37-year-old Ethiopian higher education institution has a selective policy of admission based on the previous academic record and grades of students.

The 70-80 per cent acceptance rate range makes this Ethiopian higher education organization a very selective institution. For registration, foreign students are welcome to apply.

JU also provides students with many academic and non-academic facilities and services, including a library, lodging, recreational facilities, study abroad and exchange programs, online courses and opportunities for distance learning, and administrative services.

General admission requirement

You must fulfil the following minimum criteria to be eligible for admission to JU, although meeting these requirements does not guarantee access:

  • Apply for admission online.
  • Send an approved transcript from a recognized and certified institution confirming receipt of your bachelor’s degree.
  • Meet the criteria for program-specific admissions, if any

Official transcript

Required official transcripts should be submitted directly by mail from the sending institution to the sending institution.

Attn: Jimma University E-Learning Program

Lucy Consulting Engineers PLC

Kazanchis Nega City Mall 109B

P.O.Box 33609

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Phone: +251-930-35-05-27/28/29

Provisions for General Admission

  • Priority for admission shall be given to an applicant who has a high scholastic status, whose professional experience has been superior and who has received good recommendations.
  • To run a graduate program in a university department, a minimum of ten students should be admitted in any one year, except in clinical disciplines where even less than 10 students can be enrolled as it has a service component. However, the respective DGC shall determine the optimum (minimum and maximum) number of students in the various programmes, taking into account the number of staff, the availability of space and the demand for training.
  • The SGS may from time to time, include additional admission requirements consistent with the rules and regulations of the university. These may be of general application or may relate to particular graduate studies programs.

List of All Programmes at Jimma University

Jimma University has a variety of programs for undergraduate, master’s, and PhD degrees. These programs are offered in various fields such as medicine, engineering, agriculture, business, social sciences, and natural sciences.

official website

Institute of Health Sciences

A. Undergraduate Programs

MD in Medicine

MD in Dentistry

BSc in Anesthesia

BSc in Public Health

BPharm. In Pharmacy

BSc in Medical Laboratory

BSc in Nursing

BSc in Midwifery

BSc in Environmental Health

B. Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

MPH in Epidemiology

MPH in General Public Health

MPH in Health Promotion and Behaviors

MPH in Health Service Management

MPH in Reproductive Health

MSc in Adult Health Nursing

MSc in Biochemistry

MSc in Clinical Laboratory Science (speciality in Clinical Chemistry)

MSc in Clinical Laboratory Science (speciality in Hematology & Immunohematology)

MSc in Clinical Laboratory Science (speciality in Laboratory Management)

MSc in Clinical Pharmacy

MSc in Environmental Health Science

MSc in Environmental Science& Technology

MSc in Health Monitoring & Evaluation

MSc in Human Anatomy

MSc in Human Nutrition

MSc in Integrated Clinical and Community Mental Health

MSc in Maternity Health Nursing

MSc in Medical Microbiology

MSc in Medical Parasitology

MSc in Medical Physiology

MSc in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

MSc in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management

PhD in Applied Ecology

PhD in Environmental Health

PhD in Health Communication & Health Behavior

PhD in Nutrition

PhD in Reproductive Health

PhD in Tropical and Infectious disease

PhD in Pharmaceuticals Science

Speciality Certificate in endodontic and operative dentistry

Speciality Certificate in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Specialty Certificate in Orthodontics

sub-speciality Certificate in Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery

Sub-specialty Certificate in Pediatrics Surgery

Sub-specialty Certificate in Pediatric Oncology

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Jimma Institute of Technology

 A. Undergraduate Programs

BSc in Architecture and Urban Planning

BSc in Biomedical Engineering

BSc in Chemical Engineering

BSc in Civil Engineering

BSc in Computer Science

BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering

BSc in Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering

BSC in Information Science

BSc in Information Technology

BSc in Material Science Engineering

BSc in Mechanical Engineering

BSc in Software Engineering

BSc in Water Supply & Engineering

B. Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

MSc in Bio-Instrumentation

MSc in Bio-Medical Imaging

MSc in Ceramics Engineering

MSc in Communication Engineering

MSc in Computer Networking

MSc in Construction Engineering and Management

MSc in Control and Instrumentation Engineering

MSc in Electrical Computer Engineering

MSc in Electrical Power Engineering

MSc in Environmental Engineering

MSc in Geotechnical Engineering

MSc in Highway Engineering

MSc in Hydraulic Engineering

MSc in Information Technology

MSc in Information Science (Electronics & Digital Resource Management)

MSc in Information Science (Information & Knowledge Management)

MSc in Manufacturing Engineering

MSc in Material Science Engineering

MSc in Mechanical Systems Design

MSc in Metallurgical Engineering

MSc in Polymer Engineering

MSc in Process Engineering

MSc in Structural Engineering

MSc in Sustainable Engineering

MSc in Thermal Systems Engineering

PhD in Metallurgical Engineering

PhD in Ceramic Engineering

PhD in Civil Engineering

PhD in Environmental Engineering

PhD in Manufacturing Engineering

PhD in Material Science Engineering

PhD in Mechanical Design

PhD in Polymer Engineering

PhD in Sustainable Engineering

PhD in Thermal Engineering (EECBP)

PhD in Water Resource Engineering

PhD in Power Engineering

PhD in Communication Engineering

PhD in Information Science

College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

A. Undergraduate Programs

BSc in Plant Science

BSc in Horticulture

BSc in Agricultural Economics

BSC in Animal Science

BSc in Food Science and Post-Harvest Technology

DVM in Veterinary Medicine

BSc in Natural Resources Management

BSc in Rural Development and Agricultural Extension

B. Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

MSc in Animal Production

MSc in Animal Breeding & Genetics

MSc in Animal Nutrition

MSc in Natural Resource Management         

Specialization in Watershed Management

Specialization in Forest and Nature Management

Specialization in Wildlife and Ecotourism Management

MSc in Horticulture

MSc in Agriculture (Specialization in Soil Sciences)

MSc in Agronomy

MSc in Plant Pathology

MSc in Plant Breeding

MSc in Plant Biotechnology

MSc in Agricultural Entomology

MSc in Weed Science

MSc in Plant Protection

MSc in Postharvest Science and technology

MSc in Postharvest Management

MSc in Food Science and Technology

MSc in Food Science and Nutrition

MSc in Gender and Rural Development

MSc in Agribusiness & Value Chain Management

MSc in Agricultural Economics

MSc in Rural Development and Agricultural Extension

MSc in Rural Development and Environment

MSc in Veterinary Epidemiology

MSc in Veterinary Public health

MSc in Veterinary Microbiology

MSc in Animal Biotechnology

PhD in Agricultural Economics

PhD in Postharvest Technology

PhD in Food Science and Technology

PhD in Horticulture

PhD in Plant Pathology

PhD in Agronomy

PhD in Plant Breeding

PhD in Animal Nutrition

PhD in NRM (Specialization in Biodiversity Management)

PhD in NRM (Specialization in Climate change Adaption & Mitigation)

PhD in Rural Development and Agricultural Extension

  • Specializing in Agricultural and Rural Innovation
  • Specializing in Agricultural and Rural Policy
  • Specializing in Environmental Sustainability

College of Natural Science

A. Undergraduate Programs

BEd in Biology

BEd in Chemistry

BEd in Mathematics

BEd in Physics

BEd in Sport Science

BSc in Biology

BSc in Chemistry

BSc in Mathematics

BSc in Physics

BSc in Sport Science

BSc in Statistics

B. Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

MSc in Applied Microbiology

MSc in Ecology & Systematic Zoology

MSc in Botanical Sciences

MSc in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management

MSc in Analytical Chemistry

MSc in Applied Entomology

MSc in Organic Chemistry

MSc in Inorganic Chemistry

MSc in Physical Chemistry

MSc in Astrophysics

MSc in Condensed Matters Physics

MSc in Nuclear physics

MSc in Quantum Optics and Information Physics

MSc in Statistical Physics

MSc. in Mathematics (Differential Equation)

MSc. in Mathematics (Numerical Analysis)

MSc. in Mathematics (Functional Analysis)

MSc in Biostatistics

MSc in Sport Management

MSc in Football Coaching

MSc in Athletics Coaching

PhD in Mathematics (Numerical Analysis)

PhD in Mathematics (Differential Equation)

PhD in Applied Microbiology

PhD in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management

PhD in Wildlife and Ecology Management

PhD in Physics (Nuclear Physics)

PhD in Physics (Condensed Matters)

PhD in Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry)

PhD in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)

College of Social Science and Humanities

A. Undergraduate Programs

BA in Afan Oromo & Literature

BA in English Languages Literature

BA in Amharic Languages & Literature

BA in Geography & Environmental Studies

BA in History & Heritage Management

BA in Media and Communication Studies

BA in Music

BA in Oromo Folklore & Literature

BA in Social Anthropology

BA in Social Work

BA in Sociology

BA in Theatre Arts

BA in Visual Arts

B.Ed in Afan Oromo & Literature

B.Ed in English Languages Literature

B.Ed in Amharic Languages & Literature

B.Ed in Geography & Environmental Studies

B.Ed in History & Heritage Management

B. Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

MA in Afan Oromo Language & Literature (Teaching)

MA in Amharic Language & Literature (Teaching)

MA in Applied Linguistics and Development Communications

MA in Applied Linguistics in Ethiopian Languages & Cultural Studies

MA in Broadcast Journalism

MA in Development Anthropology and Indigenous Knowledge

MA in Ethiopian Literature & Folklore

MA in History

MA in Intercultural Communications and Public Diplomacy

MA in Land Resource Analysis & Management

MA in Literature

MA in Oromo Folklore & Cultural Studies

MA in Print and Online Journalism

MA in Public Relations and Corporate Communications

MA in Social Anthropology

MA in Socio-cultural Linguistics

MA in Sociology of Family and Gender

MA in Sociology (Specialization in Social policy)

MA in Social Work

MA in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL)

MA in Urban and Regional Development Planning

MSc in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing

PhD in History

PhD in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL)

College of Business and Economics

A. Undergraduate Programs

BA in Accounting & Finance

BA in Economics

BA in Management

BA in Banking and Finance

BA in Hospitality and Tourism

B. Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

MA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

MA in Project Management and Finance

Master’s in Public Management (MPM)

MBA in Business Administration (MBA)

MSc in Accounting and Finance

MSc in Banking and Finance

MSc in Development Economics

MSc in Economics (Economic Policy Analysis)

MSc in Industrial Economics

MSc in Transport Economics

PhD in Finance Economics

PhD in Industrial Economics

PhD in Management

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

A. Undergraduate Programs

BA in Psychology

BA in Special Needs and Inclusive Education

BA in Educational Planning & Management

B. Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

MA in Curriculum and Instruction

MA in Educational leadership

MA in Educational Psychology

MA in Counseling Psychology

MA in Developmental Psychology  

MA in Early Childhood Care and Education

MA in Social Psychology

PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

PhD in Curriculum and Instruction

PhD in Psychology (specializing in counselling psychology)

PhD in Psychology (specializing in Educational Psychology)

Pedagogical Certification Programs

Diploma in Teaching Physics

Diploma in Teaching Chemistry

Diploma in Teaching English

Diploma in Teaching Civics

Diploma in Teaching Afan Oromo

Diploma in Teaching Sport Science

Diploma in Teaching Mathematics

Diploma in Teaching Biology

Other Training

Instructional Skills

Continuous Assessment

Active Learning and Teaching Approach

Module Writing Training

English Language Skills for Academic and non-Academic Staff

Instructional Time and Classroom Management

Action Research and its Roles

Continues Professional Development

College of Law and Governance

A. Undergraduate Programs

BA in Governance and Development Studies

B.Ed in Civics

LLB in Law

B. Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

LLM in Commercial and Investment Law

LLM in Human Rights and Criminal Law

LLM in Construction Law

MA in Governance & Development Studies

Tuition fee

Tuition and other fees for the graduate program

A. Master’s Degree Program:

  • Self-Sponsored Ethiopian Graduate Students

The tuition fee for the Course Work                   Birr 250.00/Credit

Research                                                              Birr 750.00/Credit

  • Non- Citizen Graduate Students

The tuition fee for course    Credit/Semester (USD)      Research fee (USD)

Natural Science                                               250.00                               10000.00

Technology                                                       250.00                               10000.00

Public Health                                               250.00                               10000.00

Medical Laboratory Technology      250.00                                10000.00

Mental Health                                               250.00                                10000.00

Pharmacy                                                       250.00                            10000.00

Social Science                                              250.00                               5000.00

Language                                                      250.00                            5000.00

Education                                                   250.00                                   5000.00

B. Medical Certificate of Specialty

Internal Medicine                                                                       4658 USD/year

Ophthalmology                                                                           4658 USD/year

Surgery                                                                                         4658 USD/year

Gynaecology 4658 USD/year

Pediatrics                                                                                    4658 USD/year

Other Fees

Application, Registration, Graduation, Health Service = 250.00 USD

C. Undergraduate Program

  • Self-Sponsored Ethiopian Students

                                        The tuition fee for the coursework

Natural Science                                                                        125.00 Birr/Credit

Technology                                                                                125.00 Birr/Credit

Agriculture                                                                                 125.00 Birr/Credit

Pharmacy                                                                                    125.00 Birr/Credit

Medicine                                                                                    135.00 Birr/Credit

Social Science                                                                           100.00 Birr/Credit

Language                                                                                     100.00 Birr/Credit

Education                                                                                    100.00 Birr/Credit 

Other Fees

Application, Registration, Graduation, Health Service = 250.00 Birr 

Foreign Student Tuition fee for the coursework

Natural Science                                                             125.00 USD/credit

Technology                                                                     125.00 USD/credit

Agriculture                                                                     125.00 USD/credit

Pharmacy                                                                       125.00 USD/credit

Medicine                                                                         135.00 USD/credit

Social Science                                                         100.00 USD/Credit/Semester

Language                                                                  100.00 USD/Credit/Semester

Education                                                                 100.00 USD/Credit/Semester

Other Fees

Application, Registration, Graduation, Health Service = 250.00 USD



Jimma University is a public research university located in Jimma. Oromia area of Ethiopia. For four (4) consecutive years, Jimma University is ranking the best national school, by the Ethiopian Ministry of Education.

Official Website: Ju.edu.et

This review is on the 407+ courses (programs) that  Jimma University is offering, with insight into the tuition and other necessary information for students.

Note: Information here regarding the programs and courses that are available for undergraduates, masters PhD and other students at Jima University are subject to national and institutional policies.


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