Coventry University Egypt Fees | 2024 Admission Review

Here is the full report on Coventry University, Egypt – the tuition, admission requirements, and other vital information for applicants ( local and international students).

The eye of civilization brings to your table Coventry University Egypt in conjunction with a stimulating, enriching, and creative environment and the Knowledge Hub Universities work together to prepare students for a future global career. 

This project sees a branch of Coventry University and its degrees available within the Information Hub Universities in Egypt as the first partnership of its kind for Coventry University.

In the areas of Engineering, Computing, Design, and Media, Coventry University has established a selection of 4 years of undergraduate degrees available to students entering The Information Hub Universities. Students are graduating with a Coventry University degree award certificate upon successful completion of the degree program. 

This degree credential is the same as the certificates awarded to our students at our UK campus.

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An Overview of Coventry University Egypt

Established as the Coventry School of Design in 1843 by merchants and industrialists, and celebrated 175 years in 2018. Coventry University is a vibrant and outward-looking institution with a legacy of teaching excellence, impactful study, and bold international collaborations.

The 50,000 students studying their degrees in different countries have access to global opportunities through Coventry’s worldwide network of partners in academia and industry, ensuring their job prospects are improved.

The university is internationally recognized for its expertise in health, peacebuilding, and disaster management, and its engineering and design graduates’ world-leading calibre, particularly in the automotive sector. The student satisfaction levels and teaching quality of Coventry have been ranked among the highest in the UK in recent years

This height has led to remarkable increases in every major university league table and a gold ranking in the Teaching Excellence System of the UK government. The university’s bold approach to innovations in higher education, including new campuses in Scarborough and London, and the Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, its ‘factory floor faculty,’ were essential to this progress. 

According to the Times Higher Education (THE), Europe Teaching Rankings 2018. Coventry ranks fifteenth in the Guardian University Guide 2020, tops in the UK, and third in Europe for how well it interacts with its students.

In the Times and Sunday Times Strong University Guide of 2019, it also won the title “The University of the Year for Student Experience”;

The guide describes it as “one of the most innovative modern universities, bold in its vision of what the student experience of the 21st century should be.

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Campus Location

The Information Center is situated in Egypt in the main area of the New Administrative Capital, near the Cathedral, the Diplomatic District, and the headquarters of the government. 

On a 168,000-acre area, the New Administrative Capital, situated 60 km from Cairo, is a city intended for over 6 million inhabitants.

It will require an environmentally friendly development as part of the development.

Sustainable and modernized infrastructure with solar panels covering 70 per cent of the total rooftop space and 15m2 of dedicated greenery per intended person.

5 reasons to choose Coventry University Egypt

Your global opportunities

Purposely I invite you to take advantage of the international possibilities that sell at Coventry. 

You can learn a foreign language, visit major multinational companies to learn how they function, and access internationally renowned speakers exclusively. 

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Your learning environment

The institution makes provision for environments and resources designed to help you optimize your ability, in addition to specialist personnel and facilities within our academic schools.  You will be motivated to think differently by the Disruptive Media Learning Lab and experimental learning regions. 

The university also has expert writing and math support centres providing advice and guidance on writing assignments and solving problems with mathematics/statistics.

Your student experience

In The Times and Sunday Times Strong University Guide 2019, the institution has been recognized as the University of the Year for Student Experience. 

We take pride in the fact that this reputation for student experience is built on a strong foundation of support for academic and welfare students. 

With more than 55 sports clubs and 160 societies, we also have a wonderful Students’ Union, so it’s easy to spend time doing the stuff you love.

Your campus, your city

Coventry was named the 2021 UK City of Culture. This means that when the institution holds its official year of culture and festivities, you will be at the university. 

In the heart of Coventry, the city-centre single-site campus is situated, so all you need is within a few minutes walk.  And you will never be far from where you want to go, with most first-year student accommodation right on or very close to campus

Your employability

  • The system provides some career advice that is intended to help you gain direct access to the market for graduate employment. 
  • The system strives to give you an extra edge with additional support available at the core subject level (by faculty). 
  • Also, the institution will help you find job experience, engage in foreign field trips, or research for industry qualifications. 
  • And, unlike many colleges, This institution does not charge you a tuition fee if you want to seek an optional job placement or study abroad year

Courses Offered by Coventry University Egypt:

  • Civil Engineering BEng 
  • Mechanical Engineering BEng 
  • BEng Engineering in Electrical and Electronics 
  • Computing BSc 
  • Computer Science BSc 
  • Ethical Hacking and Data Security from BSc 
  • Digital Media BA 
  • Graphic Concept from BA 
  • Architecture and Architecture of BA Interior.

Coventry University acceptance rate

In 2013-14, part-time learners made up 15% of undergraduates and 39% of postgraduates.  For first-year undergraduates, the drop-out rate is 8.9 per cent and the state schools’ undergraduate intake is 97%. The university has over 1,800 academic employees and is Coventry’s fourth-largest employer.

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Coventry University Egypt Admission Requirement

The local office or application form enables foreign students to apply.

  • In particular, for foreign students who do not have any basic or extra criteria, the admissions policy is not very strict. The university recognizes IELTS or TOEFL ratings as evidence of language proficiency. 
  • The University provides pre-sessional Academic English services to foreign students who do not comply with the criteria for English language proficiency.
  • Selected applicants obtain notification of acceptance by email within one week. 
  • To qualify for a PG course, a good honours degree or equivalent qualification is required. 

Since the university has flexible intakes and gives applicants the ability to defer to January or May, the intake in September will not be postponed.

Admission Deadlines for Coventry University 

All applicants are expected to meet the deadlines that have been set. To monitor their application status, applicants are also required. 

The deadlines for applications for undergraduate admission to Coventry University via UCAS are given as follows: 

In medicine and Dentistry, the application dates are usually around the beginning of the year. 

Foreign Student Admissions at Coventry University 

Coventry University has a student body of more than 11,000 foreign students from 130 different countries. T

he University admits foreign students as they meet the deadlines laid down. Submit the required documents, and meet all the criteria. 

Applicants must meet the criteria given below to become an international student at Coventry University:

Application Portal-UCAS, Online, Paper or is used by the local office or agent. 

Application Cost– Zero (for university application online); 20 pounds (UCAS application for a single course) 

Requirements for admission at Coventry University 

Foreign applicants must apply the following documents to qualify for admission to Coventry University Admissions.

  • Completed form for Submission 
  • Official high school or college transcripts 
  • Test results for English proficiency 
  • One Reference to Academic 
  • Personal Declaration 
  • Copy of job reference or certificate of diploma if employed 
  • Passport copy 
  • Parental consent if the applicant is under the age of 18
  • Test ratings for English language proficiency. 
  • Candidates must have a score equal to the amount of CEFR B2. 
  • A minimum of 60% is also approved in English for Indian high school students. 

It is recommended that foreign applicants from countries like China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Kenya apply to their country’s local offices.

Visit here to access the official website

English Proficiency Test Scores for Foreign Students, in Coventry University

To study in the UK, it is necessary for foreign applicants at Coventry University to be proficient in the English language exam. 

  • The applicant must submit a copy of the resulting certificates.
  • For UG and PG applicants, CU accepts IELTS scores or the equivalent.
  • Undergraduate-IELTS overall score of 6.0
  • Graduate-IELTS overall score of 6.5

What is the Coventry University tuition fee?

Undergraduate tuition and fees: 9,250 GBP, 11,750 GBP (2017-18) international tuition.

Frequently asked questions

How do I pay for my Coventry University tuition fees? 

Payment methods that Coventry University accepts include MasterCard, Visa and UnionPay. As a student, you will need your student number and date of birth to complete the transaction securely.

To complete data validation tests, you’ll need the student number and birth date. For enrolled students with a student ID, please remember that the online portal is for them.

What rank does the University of Coventry have? 

Coventry University was ranked 50th nationally in the 2020 rankings of The Times and The Sunday Times University

Also, the institution ranked 6th in the West Midlands.

Ranking highly in many categories like;

  • student surveys
  • teaching
  • student experience
  • graduate opportunities
  • retaining their reputation as a high-performing institution.

What is Coventry University known for? 

Coventry is also internationally recognized for its expertise in the following; peacebuilding, serious games, and disaster management, and its engineering and design graduates’ world-leading calibre, particularly in the automotive sector.

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How much are Coventry University’s school fees?

School fees in Coventry are calculated per year and it happens to vary from course to course and for other reasons. However, international students are paying from £16,800 – over £19,850 per year. This tuition, however, is subject to more variations and more reasons we reference the official school website for final judgement.

What are the requirements of Coventry Egypt?

Answer: Just like what it takes to study in other countries, Coventry University, Egypt do require a minimum cumulative Grade point Average (GPA) of 3,0. Additionally, one may need to score a minimum score of 1100 in SAT 1 (no less than 550 in each band) or to take 2 APs with a minimum score of 3.0.

So, depending on the course and where you are coming from, there may be variations to these standards and as a student, it is highly recommended that you reach out to the school for every application step.

How much is University of Hertfordshire fees in Egypt?

Answer: Tuition ranges as follows 180,000 to over 400,000 Egyptian pounds per year. These school fee differences exist and it depends on your choice of discipline. Hertfordshire University made it to this list as it remains one of the best institutions for both local and international students in the country.

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