Advanced Programs in Cairo University Faculty of Engineering

Explore the Advanced Programs in Cairo University faculty of engineering with relative information about the institution and also their graduate and undergraduates tuition and programs.

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Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, is one of the Arab world’s educational and research institutions with a positive and vibrant face in the higher education field.

It now acts as a technical academy in the various divisions to supply the production areas.

Over the years, Cairo University has been renowned for effectively carrying out its goal of providing education, research, and cultural tasks.

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Amongst other younger universities in Egypt, it is considered the mother university.

Cairo University also provides Arab, international students, and scientists with its education and research facilities and has become well recognized around the world.

The University of Cairo is a comprehensive higher learning institution situated in Giza, Egypt.

It is committed to training students for the demands of a workplace that is rapidly evolving.

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Cairo graduates join the workforce with the skills required to succeed in today’s global marketplace through immersive learning and information technologies.

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About Cairo University

The University of Cairo known from 1908 to 1940 as the Egyptian University, and from 1940 to 1952 as King Fuad I University, is the premier public university in Egypt.

Its main campus is in Giza, from Cairo directly across the Nile.

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It was created on 21 December 1908; but in October 1929, after being housed in different parts of Cairo, its faculties were established on its current main campus in Giza, starting with the Faculty of Arts.

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The public university, one of the oldest institutions in the country, was founded in 1908 and has about 230,000 students, of whom about 3 per cent are from overseas.

Only 2% of the workers and 2% of the students at universities in Egypt come from outside the region.

Cairo-based foreign students enjoy relatively low living costs and have some of the ancient attractions of the world on their doorstep.

With undergraduate programs in subjects ranging from pomology to physical therapy, the

University of Cairo has more than 25 departments, including engineering, pharmacy, agriculture, and archaeology.

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According to Ashraf Mahmoud Hatem, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt, while the official language of Egypt is Arabic, English is the ‘first language’ of universities.

The University of Cairo is ranked as the second-best university in Egypt and fifth on the continent in terms of rankings.

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The University of Cairo is rated as the 481st best university in the world, according to the QS World University Rankings for 2018.

It is ranked 477th best in the world and 801st in the World University rankings by the Best Global Universities Rankings.

Fees of Cairo University

Undergraduate Program

Domestic Students (USD)

  • 2,000

International Students (USD)

  • 4,000 – 6,000

Postgraduate Program

Domestic Students(USD)

  • 2,000

International Students (USD)

  • 6,000 – 8,000

An approximate annual course fee in US dollars is the fees above. Please notice that fees for the course can vary.

Often review the exact cost of the program and take into account possible extra expenses.

Benefits of studying at Cairo University

Below are convincing reason why you would want to consider studying in this intuition

  • Cairo University is located close to all facilities and entertainment sites in the heart of Great Cairo.
  • The University of Cairo is home to the finest of the best professors and scientists in different fields of research and expertise.
  • 25 faculties and institutions as well as specialized research centers and divisions are included in Cairo University.
  • In addition to specialized libraries at all faculties, the newly formed central library consists of the highest technology in documentation and research databases.
  • Some university schools and research centers have specialist labs and labs fitted with the latest scientific equipment.
  • Cairo University is willing to provide numerous facilities to its students, such as medical care, leisure and cultural events.

Undergraduate Admission Requirement

Here are the Undergraduate enrollment procedures for all aspirants of Cairo University, faculty of engineering.

  • The applicant must request a prior academic performance document as well as the results of the exams.
  • The applicant actually has to follow the conditions set by the university in order to get admitted.
  • The academic year consists, historically, of semesters. CU has affordable programs for bachelors that cost less than 1,000 USD / year.
  • The student would pay approximately 1,000 USD per year to earn a master’s degree.
  • The students also engage in scholarship programs, despite the tuition gees being very limited.
  •  CU is evolving with the times and, in addition to conventional full-time programs, now offers online programs.

Please check the university’s official website while preparing your preparation.

Undergraduate Programs

Aeronautical Engineering & Aviation Management

In Africa and the MENA region, air transport is experiencing a tremendous revolution. For both passengers and goods, there is a growing demand for air travel.

According to Boeing, passenger and fleet traffic would almost double during the 2014-2034 period.

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This results in an increased demand for highly-skilled engineers in the fields of aeronautics and aviation to be supported by this initiative.

Architecture Engineering & Technology

This new credit hours system (CHS)-based Architectural Engineering Technology (ATE) bachelor program will train students in a variety of streams.

In order to investigate the art of architecture and science and technology within the construction profession.

To be considered a multi-disciplinary field that combines architecture, engineering, technology, and human and physical management.

As such, graduates of architectural engineering and technology will be able to design and develop. Also, construct and operate residential, commercial, and public properties successfully.

Communication & Computer Engineering [CCE]

The aim of this program is to provide the highest level of higher education excellence while seeking continuous quality improvement.

The aim is to develop communications and computer engineers who are able to use the science and technological expertise gained.

By offering effective instruction and educational opportunities, the program assists students.

Construction Engineering & Management [CEM]

The program shall include the expertise and resources required for the management of the design, and procurement. Also, construction, and operation of buildings, infrastructure systems, and industrial installations.

Graduates of this program are well-positioned to become project managers and consultants in construction management.

Civil Infrastructure Engineering [CIE]

The civil infrastructure sector is by far the most rising and challenging sector of the construction market in Egypt and the Middle East.

The CIE graduate will work on civil infrastructure projects, including;

  • Transport
  • Highways and airports
  • Railways
  • Water and wastewater
  • Surveying
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • To plan, construct, run and rehabilitate them

Engineering Electrical Energy [EEE]

Without well-prepared skills in electrical power engineering, computing and electronics, industrial applications, industrial development, population growth, and demand for electrical energy cannot be accomplished.

The purpose of this program is to provide the world with graduates who are able to use their scientific and technical skills in these fields effectively for the betterment of society.

Healthcare Engineering & Management [HEM]

The purpose of this program is to provide the community with graduates who are able to use applicable science and technological expertise in digital healthcare systems effectively.

The curriculum is designed to meet the increasing demand for skilled engineers who are able to apply the concepts of engineering, health sciences, and business management as well.

In order to improve the protection, quality, efficiency, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness of healthcare delivery processes and healthcare systems, these engineers efficiently manage the physical, technological/ and support services of healthcare facilities.

Industrial Engineering and Management [IEM]

An Industrial Engineer is responsible for the planning and management of industrial projects, the growth of industrial organizations, and global competitions.

The program provides students pursuing jobs as engineers in industry and consulting firms with a degree in industrial engineering and leadership.

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Mechanical Engineering [MED]

The program offers a degree in Mechanical Design Engineering to students who are pursuing jobs in business, military and consulting firms as engineers.

A standard curriculum of the program includes analytical methods, innovative thoughts, and skill diversity, as well as the state of the art of the field.

Mechanical engineers may work in areas where mechanical systems and equipment, such as industrial machinery, automotive, aerospace, power generation, and air conditioning equipment, are needed to design, produce, operate, build or maintain.

Mechatronics Engineering [MEE]

For trained mechatronics engineers with expertise and skills enabling the use of modern engineering research and design tools, an increasing need is expected.

This program includes a degree in mechatronics engineering for students pursuing jobs in business, military and consulting firms as engineers.

Manufacturing Engineering & Materials [MEM]

This curriculum is intended to train graduates through advanced courses in modern manufacturing methods, nanotechnology, processing, and manufacturing of high-strength, lightweight metals, and composites for the local and international industrial sector.

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Petroleum & Petrochemical Engineering [PPC]

Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering is a new ability needed for the oil and gas industries, both upstream and downstream.

The petroleum engineer examines possible reserves of oil and gas, supervises exploration operations, chooses and implements recovery systems, and designs surface storage and treatment facilities.

The petrochemical engineer is interested in the refining of crude oil for gasoline, the processing of natural gas, and the manufacture of useful chemicals using gasoline and its derivatives as raw materials.

Sustainable Energy Engineering [SEE]

The field of sustainable energy engineering is at the center of Egypt and the surrounding region’s immediate future development. Egypt is on track to become a regional center for electricity.

Only a new generation of trained engineers in the field of energy generation from new and renewable resources will make this possible.

Structural Engineering [STE]

The STE program offers a systematic, systematic, and high-quality education in civil engineering, focusing on the structural engineering field and the particular fields of materials, mechanics, research, and design.

The STE program’s educational goal is to prepare its graduates by using and developing their technical knowledge and practical skills to work effectively in a professional environment.

Water Engineering & Environment [WEE]

The curriculum prepares graduates with advanced training in, among other topics, hydrology, water management, hydraulics, irrigation/drainage, water and wastewater (collection, treatment & disposal), and coastal engineering.

This program’s graduates are well trained to solve important environmental concerns related to the interconnection of earth, water, climate, and the relationship of applied sciences and human activities.

Programs for Graduates

AUC provides a number of courses and graduate degrees that help the future engineers and scientists of Egypt in their career paths.

The document defines students advising best practices, the aim, structure, and timing of the qualifying test, proposal defense, and final thesis defense in the School of Sciences and Engineering graduate studies guidelines document.

The aim is to streamline the procedures and guarantee consistency across graduate programs.


Applied Sciences-PhD

It is an interdisciplinary program that applies modern techniques from the experimental, natural, and life sciences to the solution of advanced problems of fundamental significance, in combination with theoretical and analytical methods from engineering, mathematics, and computer science.


The Ph.D. program emphasizes the application to advanced fields of science and technology of research methods and procedures.

The development of applied sciences and technology must be focused on a basic understanding of different disciplines, while at the same time being sensitive to the needs of emerging technologies.



The aim of the program is to find and develop ties at AUC between Architecture and other related disciplines.

In the essence of architecture as a multidisciplinary domain, exploring these relations is inherent, constantly asking new questions and discovering alternative paths by bridging with other domains.


The biotechnology degree offers postgraduate education to prepare students for a career in the field by establishing a solid base in biotechnology science and engineering and offering an introduction to bio-entrepreneurship.

Chemistry – MSc                                                                          

Two research programs leading to either a technical degree in chemistry or specialization in food chemistry and nutrition (master’s of science) are offered by the Department of Chemistry. Of the M.Sc.

By establishing a solid base in basic science and applications of chemistry for both industry and research, chemistry prepares students for a career in chemistry or related fields.

Computer Science-MSc

The computer science master’s degree provides students the opportunity to participate in classes, research projects, and other events aimed at improving theoretical background and up-to-date practical skills in the rapidly evolving area of computer science.


At the School of Sciences and Engineering, the Master’s Degree in Computing (M.Comp.) prepares students for higher-level professional practice in local and foreign markets.

Construction Engineering – MSc

The program provides high-quality education that prepares students for advanced academic, research, and technical careers in the fields of construction and systems management, structural engineering, and building materials.

Construction Engineering-MEng

In local and foreign markets, whether in consultancy, business, or government, the Master of Engineering in Building Engineering prepares graduate students for higher-level professional practice.

Electronics and Engineering in Communications-MSc

The aims of the master’s degree in electronics and communications engineering are to provide a broad knowledge of current analytical and experimental methods of engineering to the graduates of the program.

Engineering of Electronics and Communications-MEng

The degree in electronics and communications engineering prepares students in local and foreign markets for higher-level professional practice, whether in private consulting practice, business, or government activities.

Engineering of Electronics and Communications-MEng Technology of Management

The Master of Engineering Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering with a specialization in Technology Management prepares students in local and foreign markets for higher-level professional practice.

Ecological Engineering-MSc

This degree is an interdisciplinary engineering degree program governed by the departments of engineering by a director and a steering committee.

The curriculum includes other faculty members from the School of Sciences and Engineering.

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Environmental Systems Design-MEng

The master’s degree in environmental systems design prepares students in local and foreign markets for higher-level professional practice, whether in private consultancy practice, business, or government and regulatory activities.

Global Public Health -MPH

The program offers postgraduate education through a solid base in biomedical, engineering, and data sciences to prepare students for a career in many important and creative fields of interdisciplinary specialization.

Mechanical Engineering-MSc

The program provides high-quality education that prepares students for advanced academic, research, and technical careers in one of the following specializations: Architecture, Industrial Engineering, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, Mechatronics, and Control.

Mechanical Engineering- MEng

AUC’s Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering prepares students in local and international markets for higher-level professional practice.


Through an interdisciplinary curriculum in the fields of materials science, physics, chemistry, and engineering, the program offers academic excellence in applied sciences and technology, preparing students for careers in the industry.

Petroleum Engineering- MSc

The Petroleum Engineering Master’s Degree prepares graduate students to provide the industry with a workforce equipped with technological skills and research capabilities that understand the business, management practices, safety and climate, and ethical work habits.

Engineering in Petroleum- MEng

The Petroleum Engineering Master’s Degree prepares graduate students to provide the industry with a workforce equipped with technological skills and research capabilities that understand the business, management practices, safety and climate, and ethical work habits.


In addition to traditional physics research careers, this program offers theoretical and experimental skills, along with a deep and solid foundation in basic physics, that are transferable to many professions.

Robotics, Control and Intelligent Devices-MEng

The program offers academic excellence through interdisciplinary field education to prepare graduate students for technical careers in business, education, and research (local, regional, and global).

Robotics, Control and Intelligent Systems-MSc

This specialized curriculum offers interdisciplinary academic and educational excellence in applied sciences and technology, encouraging students to create creative and smart ideas to address the most pressing challenges of today.

Sustainable Evolution-MSc

The goal of this program is to develop a new generation of entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs with the skills to start green companies, to launch creative projects and goods, and to build developments in public policy and social entrepreneurship that address the challenges of society’s capital.

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Dual Degree of Sustainable Development

In collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, the largest technical university in Italy and one of the world’s best technical universities, students interested in a double degree can enroll in a dual-degree master’s degree program in sustainable development.

Under the guidance of both universities, students complete the first year at the AUC and the second year in Italy before preparing their master’s thesis, allowing them to obtain a dual degree in their field of concentration.

Admission Requirements for Graduate Studies (International and Local)

Foreign Student Documents to Submit:

1- The corresponding certificate issued by the Supreme Council of Universities of Egypt for the most current academic qualification.

2- A letter of candidacy from the student’s country comes from the faculty at which the student wishes to study, clarifying the awarding authority, the university year in which the student wants to study, and the student’s degree.

Also, to be sent to the dean of the desired faculty, the letter must be signed by the cultural consultant of the embassy.

3- A copy of a passport for a student that is valid for a whole year.

4- A declaration that shows that, before requesting admission or registration, the student does not have AIDS.

5- Certificate of Excellence valid for one year (for medicine students)

6- Filing by the desired faculty in 3 data formats.

7- Filling the desired faculty with 3 knowledge forms.

8- Four private pictures

9- A folder of files.

10- The four-year bachelor’s grades.

11- Certificate of Diploma or Pre-Master.

An original copy of the Information Form with three photocopies of it must be submitted with the student’s signature on them.

Enclosing a photocopy of the student embassy’s acceptance that the embassy accepts that the student is studying at the desired faculty, clarifying the body that offers, the university year in which the student wants to study, and the degree that the student wants to do.

The faculty is to submit the student data forms to the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

Documents for Egyptian Students to Submit:

1- Temporary bachelor’s degree certificate with the grade needed to apply for master’s degrees or diplomas.

2- Temporary Master’s Certificate with the grade required (for applicants for a PhD)

3- The four-year bachelor’s score survey.

4- A certificate of birth or an official copy of it.

5- A copy of the National Identification Card.

6- Six personal pictures of (4 * 6).

7- Acceptance of the workplace of the student who may be enrolled in postgraduate studies.

8- If the student is a civil servant, he / she has to have his / her workplace approval that, if necessary (or according to the faculty regulations), he / she may give all his / her time to study.

9- The certificate of military rank (postponed / temporarily exempted / finally exempted)10- The acceptance of the Armed Force in the case of conscripted students.

11- Approval of the Officers Relations Departments whether the student is a military or a police officer.

Visit the school official website here for more detail


The Cairo University Faculty of Engineering, however, is one of the Arab world’s educational and research institutions with an optimistic and bright face in the higher education field.

Relatively speaking, it now acts as a technical academy in the various divisions to supply the production areas.

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