Nabanna scholarship 2021 /2022 | Application Details

The Nabanna Scholarship 2021/2022 is one of the most sought-after programs in India. It offers the student the opportunity to achieve their academic dreams with their minds at ease as their fees are being taken care of.

Scholarship programs like this take time and due diligence are needed during your application process.

It is important that you receive the right information while going through your application process to increase your chances of securing your admission.

In this post, you will be taught about the Nabanna scholarship and the details on how you can apply will be revealed to you.

Tip: to find this article helpful, note the key points and take your time to understand them before you begin your application.

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What is the Nabanna Scholarship?

The Nabanna Scholarship is provided by the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

This an educational scholarship provided every year to the students, who passed the Madhyamik (10th) examination or Higher Secondary (12th) exam or any University Examination (UG / PG).

This Scholarship is under the relief fund of the West Bengal Chief Minister. The Nabanna Scholarship has helped multiple students achieve their academic dreams and be involved in industry-based practices that are needed for them to secure jobs.

Host Country

The host country for the scholarship is India. India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia.

It is the second-most populous country, the seventh-largest country by land area, and the most populous democracy in the world.

India has lovely weather and great cultural heritage.

The standard of living isn’t expensive, but this can differ depending on which area you are in.

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Facts about India

India is rich with facts and here are some you should know:

  • India is home to 1.3 billion people
  • They have 29 states and 22 regional languages and is arguably one of the most popular travel destinations on earth
  • The Taj Mahal is one of the greatest landmarks in the country and we can’t talk about India without mentioning it
  • The Bollywood film industry is one of the heritage of India which has fed the world with amazing movies containing lovely stories.
  • The popular game of Snakes and Ladders was invented in India.

Benefits of the Nabanna scholarship 2021/2022?

Most Scholarships have great benefits and the Nabanna scholarship is one of those.

The scholarship program is divided into two parts that are beneficial to its candidates. Here are a few benefits:

  1. Medical bills assistance: This was done to help families that can’t pay for their medical bills. It has been a blessing to many families who have candidates in the scholarship program with health problems and can’t meet up to their medical bills.
  2. Education/Tuition fees assistance: This is financial help is offered to the students of the state who wants to study in higher classes but whose financial capacity is weak.
  3. Exposure: Beneficiaries of this scholarship are exposed to industry experts in their field of study and this can be transformed into a good relationship that can subsequently lead to job roles after graduation.

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How much worth is the Nabanna scholarship 2021/2022?

The Nabanna Scholarship is worth Rs. 10000/year.

This helps the students pay for their tuition fees, books, and accommodation.

It is this way to help you study and take your mind off major financial commitments that stress many students while they pursue their degrees.

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What makes you Eligible for the Nabanna scholarship?

Eligibility is what certifies your entry into any scholarship program. Here are what is needed to be an eligible candidate:

  • You must be a permanent resident of West Bengal
  • It is compulsory that you Study in any institution of State or State-aided University after successfully passing the State Board/Council of Secondary Education examination
  • You need a minimum of 60% marks in your 12th grade for Undergraduate level
  • You must not be studying outside West Bengal
  • Your family annual income is less than Rs.60,000
  • It is necessary that you don’t possess any type of state scholarship or stipend for the same course or at the same year of study prior you send your application
  • You should have a minimum of 65% marks in aggregate in the 10th-grade level examination for you to be on the 12th-grade level scholarship
  • A minimum requirement of 55% marks should be scored in your graduation result.

How do I apply for the Nabanna scholarship 2021 /2022

The application process for the Nabanna scholarship 2021 /2022 program is done offline. Here’s how it’s done.

Firstly, log onto the online platform

Secondly, generate the form and fill it manually.

Thirdly, You need to fill your form accurately then attach the required documents needed for the application.

Go through your form, check for any spelling errors, and rectify them before you submit them.

You are advised to submit your form manually at the given address in the form

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Required Documents  

Here is a list of the required documents needed for a smooth application:

  1. A copy of the Tuition/Admission Fees Book.
  2. A copy of reference from MP/MLA to the Honorable Chief minister which includes a declaration of monthly family income.
  3. Photocopies of marked sheets of all previous examinations.
  4. A copy of the family income certificate bearing the monthly from people within the rank – DM/SDO/BDO/Group-A Govt or any officer not below the rank of Joint B.D.O or Deputy Commissioner of Corporation.
  5. A self-declaration of the student under his/her sign regarding their current course of education including details of scholarship/assistance/aid receipts per year and semester which has been countersigned by the institution.
  6. Personal bank account details including account number, account name, bank, and branch code.
  7. Personal contact details – phone number mandatory

To apply, Visit the official website

Frequently asked Questions

Q: Who can apply for the Nabanna Scholarship 2020/2021?

A: The Nabanna scholarship is strictly for residents of West Bengal seeking to further their studies in a higher institution in West Bengal. Any candidate outside this specified circle of interest should not apply.

Q: How can apply I apply for the Nabanna Scholarship?

A: You can apply for the scholarship by visiting the official website which has been mentioned above in this article.

Q: How do I fill the Nabanna Scholarship form?

A: You can fill the form by downloading it from their website and accurately write in the required details on the form.

Q: Is the Scholarship application online or offline?

A: The Nabanna Scholarship 2020/2021 application is offline. You only have to print the form from the website and then fill it manually before submitting it to the designated address.

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