Streamline Taxis: How to Call or Book Online in the United Kingdom.

Streamline Taxis: How to Call or Book Online in the United Kingdom.

There are so many taxi companies in the United Kingdom but this post contains information pertaining to the Streamline Taxis: How to Call or Book Online in the United Kingdom. If you are in the United Kingdom or planning to visit the United Kingdom, you can call at their services at all times and be rest assured that you will get the best.

What does streamline taxis mean?

Streamline Taxis is also known as the Brighton Taxi service. This is a UK Taxi company that is so distinguished amongst others for its innovative approach to delivery.

Where can I locate the streamline taxi company in the United Kingdom?

The streamline Taxi company is located on number 5, Clifton Hill, Brighton, Bn1 3HL, United Kingdom.

A brief insight into streamline taxis.

Streamline taxis have been in existence since 1936. It is a company that offers taxi services to Roedean school, EF language school Brighton, EF language school Hove, American express, Bupa Southern Trains, Embassy language school, and Brighton University medical schools.

They also deal with valued customers such as BBC and EDF, they are also open to the public for partnership and are easy to start up.

Why use streamline taxis?

  • Vehicles, range of Multi Seater cars that can hold five to eight passengers, WCF and an extensive range of Hybrid & Euro 6 vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • High and low four seater saloon.
  • Biggest Taxi Fleet in York.
  • Thereby both manual and electronic wheelchair accessible vehicle.
  • In car Card Payment in all of our vehicles.
  • ISO Approved.
  • City Centre Office pick up point (only one within York Bar Walls).
  • Male & Female Drivers all Enhanced DBS Checked.
  • We have invested in technology and upgraded our office, vehicle and phone systems to the latest in the industry.
  • All streamline taxi drivers are fully CRB checked, this is one of the many reasons why streamline is used by so many of the city’s language schools and of course Roedean school itself.
  • Wheelchair accessible drivers are specially trained in the safe loading and unloading procedures of wheelchairs to ensure customers complete safety and satisfaction.

What is the streamline taxi company ranked in the United Kingdom?

Because of the high standard of professionalism, safety, satisfaction of streamline taxi company, it is ranked number one in the United Kingdom.

What are the services streamline taxi offers?

Because of the quality of their services, streamline taxis are the most preferred taxi providers for Roedean school, EF language school Brighton, EF language school Hove, American Express, Bupa, Southern Trains, Embassy language school, and Brighton university medical schools as earlier mentioned.

Hence Streamline Taxis (Brighton Taxi service) is very popular for providing the following services:

  • Airport Transfers
  • Disabled Access
  • Hackney and
  • Private Hire taxis
  • Wheelchair services
  • Streamline App.
  • Booking online.
  • Automated bookings

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Does the streamline taxi company have partners?


Companies such as impetus, the martlets, helping hand, and dementia friends are all great partners of streamline Taxi Company.

How to call or Book Streamline Taxis Online

Log on to the streamline taxis online platform ( and fill in the appropriate information required, for example; pickup time, pickup date, pickup address, destination, vehicle type, number of passengers, etc.

Why do I need the streamline taxi app?

  • One of the numerous aim of the streamline taxi company app, is to make getting home from nights out a lot easier, less stressful, and also allow you to be more sociable for the whole evening.
  • Use the app to both book a taxi for later in the evening and have a record of that booking on your app to refer later when you are inclined to forget the time you booked for (especially after a few drinks, or to book a taxi as soon as you want to leave.
  • The app allows you to see the vehicles that are close by so you can know how long you need to wait, whether you need a five seater, an eight seater or even a wheelchair friendly car.
  • The app also conquers the need to get a quiet place to make a call or to keep looking out of the window to see if your taxi has arrived.

What are the features of the streamline taxi app?

The streamline taxi app has a lot of features that may interest you. Below are the list of features the app has;

  • It has GPS to show you exactly where you are on a map and how close you are to our taxis.
  • It shows you the arrival time estimates and live updates.
  • It has both text and calls back options.
  • It gives you the opportunity to add your debit/credit card details for quick payment.
  • Instant price and estimated journey time.
  • Book in advance or request a car immediately.
  • Add favorite places and/or home addresses for quick booking.
  • Keep a record of all your taxi journeys.

Are there employment opportunities in the streamline taxi company?

Presently, a fantastic opportunity has arisen for call center operators to join the company. This company offers both full-time and part-time employment opportunities.

The company offers a competitive salary of £16,575 annually.

The hours of work for this role will be based on a shift pattern of 4pm-12am and will include weekend work.

What is the requirement for the application?

The streamline taxi company is looking for;

  • Operators who are flexible.
  •  Have good telephone manner.
  • Confidence in dealing with customer requirements by phone and e-mail.
  • Verbal and communication skills.
  • Organizational skills.
  •  Work well individually and as part of a team.
  • Self-motivated with the desire to succeed.

How can I apply for a job in the streamline taxi company?

If you would like a career with Streamline Taxis please send a CV to the administrator on this link [email protected]


The streamline taxi company is a transport company that provides you with lots of opportunities such as transport services, job opportunities, social media shuffling, partnerships, and a lot more.

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