Best and Efficient Glo Recharge Code – Updated Method

Best and Efficient Glo Recharge Code – Updated Method

The best and efficient Glo recharge code helps subscribers to seamlessly, safely, and comfortably top up their phones directly from each of their bank accounts.

A simple and easy way to recharge your Glo line without scratching a card is Glo E Top Up.

The name “Glo sharp-sharp” has won it, its readily available, cost-effective, and easy features.

Glo is a hugely common phenomenon in Africa and Nigeria in particular, where money transfer is carried out smoothly with the use of telephones, and Glo recharge code services are available.

Customers only need to apply to their services and, at some point in the world, they can automatically provide money to everyone.

It’s one of the most effective ways of exchanging money available right now, far more so than bigger organizations such as PayPal.

It’s worth pointing out that the whole machine is still very secure.

Although there is still a chance that the phone of a customer may be hacked and therefore their account used to transfer money, the whole transaction can be easily traced by the carriers of the Glo recharge code.

As a consequence, you can see exactly how hard it can be for someone to get away with such theft.

Now that we have that part out of the way, let’s talk about what the services of Glo are all about, shall we?

Super-Fast Money Transfer

Glo’s offerings at their heart are all about money transfer transfers that leave no one hanging.

When anyone wants money at this minute, someone else will be able to give it to them and until they remove it, it will be there.

The entire thing is just that easy, and when they need to, they can also use the Glo recharge service.

How to Reload Glo service also reduces the need for carrying money in a bag.

You will withdraw cash as long as you have a phone and then pay with that.

By either exchanging money or by paying payments through the service, you may also pay directly using your phone.

With Quick Recharge, by dialing * 805 # for free, you can now buy airtime and data at any time and wherever.

Link your phone number to your bank accounts to enjoy this service, then dial * 805 #, pick the bank, and the sum of airtime/data you wish to recharge. You should do top-ups with family and friends as well.

Glo has launched a new 3-in-1 recharge option to make it more convenient for its customers to fill daily airtime credits, overseas calling packs, and data packets.

The 3-in-1 recharge option offers the ease of topping up their airtime credit to its clients.

Without going through the process of first filling up their prepaid cards with different utilities directly.

For data packages or international calls, before allocating airtime.

Easy Withdrawal and Deposit

Having to go to a bank to withdraw money is a big pain and the same goes for going to those brick and mortar money transfer locations where you need to fill out a big amount of paperwork.

All you really need from Glo’s services is your computer.

You’ll have no problem getting it done unless you’re going to get the money you borrowed or depositing money into your account.

Paying Glo to recharge the online transaction would no longer be such a burden.

Launch of the 3-in-1 recharge alternative in Lagos at the Mike Adenuga Towers.

Bisi Koleoso, Head of Operations, said the company had agreed to simplify the process of airtime recharging.

In compliance with its avowed promise to place subscribers first in all, to provide consumers with more flexible options.

Customers who wish to top up directly and add to their key balance should dial * 123*PIN # under the new arrangement.

While many who wants to buy a data package directly without cramming codes should dial * 223*PIN #.

Likewise, subscribers wishing to load packs of International Direct Dialing (IDD) should dial * 323*PIN #, added Koleoso.

He said the launch of the latest 3-in-1 recharge option for subscribers who make foreign calls was especially timely.

Glo has recently crashed the cost of making calls to main destinations such as the United States, Canada, India, China, and the United Kingdom to as little as 10k per second.

Koleoso also revealed that when they load N1000 credit, customers who use the * 223*PIN # option to load a data package will get an additional 385 MB of data.

If they had chosen the traditional recharge alternative to load the same N1000 recharge credit, instead of the 350 MB of free data they would have earned.

He observed that the introduction of the 3-in-1 recharge alternative was in line with the relentless urge of Globacom to render recharging quite easy and available to anyone on the company’s network’s numerous call platforms.

To top up subscribers without scratching a card, the eTop-Up is a dynamic and convenient electronic recharge option.

It is a convenient and conveniently available way to recharge mobile accounts, which is why the ‘Glo sharp sharp’ is called the Glo eTop-Up.

Subscribers may purchase N50-N500, 000 versatile denominations in one transaction for an incremental sum of N1; N800, 000 for one day.

The Electronic Recharge Mechanism allows for a real ‘anytime, wherever any value top-up’ experience Best and Efficient Glo Recharge Code.

You can also enjoy the eTop-Up on the following channels:

Data Recharge:

Directly replenish your data via eTop-Up without first loading and translating airtime to data.

Only select the data plan, pay for the amount, and you’re loaded.

Voucher on Demand:

Buy eTop-Up without limitation to value from a print allowed tube, eg POS or ATM, then load the pin by dialing * 203 * 3*pin #.

Anonymous ID:

This is a strange directly created smart code by dialing * 203 * 1 #.

The code is connected to your MSISDN and your Glo line obtains the credit if you load airtime on the app.

As you are shielded from handing out their MSISDN number before loading airtime as calls to the smart code will not be linked, this gives you anonymity and privacy.

To become an eTop-Up/Web Dealer

Please email: [email protected]

What is Glo E-top up?

Glo E-top up is the Best and Efficient Glo Recharge Code.

It’s a program that helps Glo consumers to electronically recharge their lines and even buy data subscriptions without the stress of buying recharge/scratch cards and typing long recharge PINs.

Comfort, versatility, and value are provided to you by Glo E-top up. Recharging is simple, fast, and cost-effective.

Benefits of Glo E-top up

  • Enabled 24/7, anywhere, wherever in the world; wherever you need it, to get airtime.
  • Any quantity from N50 to N50, 000 can be recharged, for example. N52, N79, N165, N999, N2, 050, N22, 000, 50,000 and so on.
  • You will directly recharge the lines of other entities as well as embedded SIMs (e.g. on POS & monitoring devices) without having to first load airtime on your line and pass airtime.
  • You will directly order/refresh your data subscription.
  • There are no purchase fees; the entire value of the amount bought will be charged to you.
  • Stop the problems with over-scratched cards, lost or stolen PINs to recharge; use today’s Glo E-top!

Where can I get Glo E-top up/How do I top up electronically?

Using Glo E-top up, there are different ways to recharge your thread.

The good news is that you can use the Glo E-top with or without access to info.

To recharge your Glo line electronically, the following are options.

1. If you have data access:

Via the Glo Café App (available on Android & IOS app stores) to download and recharge Visit the Official Website

Online/web merchant line recharge, Fast teller,, click-a-tel, etransact, or from the internet banking application of your bank.

In order to buy airtime online, please notice that your bank account must be financed and you must have an active Naira Debit / Credit card.

2. If you do not have data access:

Recharge from every ATM next to you

Dial * 805 # for the easiest and easy Glo recharge code using the Glo quick recharge function or using your bank-specific USSD code:

I. For Diamond Bank * 302 #

ii. For Fast Teller * 322 #

iii. For Eco Bank * 326 #

iv. For Diamond Bank * 710 #

v. For GT Bank * 737 #

vi. For Fidelity Bank * 770 #

vii. For Bank of Sterling * 822 #

viii. For the Skye Bank * 833 #

ix. For First Bank * 894 #

X. For Access Bank * 901 #

Xi. For IBTC Stanbic * 909 #

Xii. For UBA, * 919 #

Xiii. For Zenith Bank * 966 #

Please notice that the volume of airtime transactions must be funded by your bank account to cover

3. You can also purchase Glo e-top using cash or debit/credit cards from the following locations

  • Both Glo Global Outlets
  • Glo Distributor Shops Licensed
  • Big retail outlets like Shoprite

4. Will I get the advantages accrued to my profile when I use E Top-Up?

Yeah. When you recharge via E Top-Up, based on your profile, you benefit from all the benefits obtained on the physical / paper recharge card.

5. Is There any Extra Recharge Benefits on Glo E-top-up?

When you reload with each of these denominations, you get a 400 percent airtime benefit in your bonus account: N150, N250, N550, N1, 050, N2, 050, N5, 050, N10, 050.

ALL E-Top up recharges (excluding the 4X Denominations mentioned above) offer an extra 15 percent incentive.

6. Is the call rate higher when I use E-top-up?

No, according to the prepaid profile you’re on, your calls are charged.

7. Can I top up a third party?

Yes, third party airtime recharge and data is permitted.

8. Do I get a Feedback that I have been credited?

Yes, via SMS, the customer receives top up warnings

Using the following values when charging electronically (e-top up): N150, N250, N550, N1050, N2050, N5050, and N10, 05050

Peep the chat beneath!

S/NE-Top Up amount(=N=)Main Account (=N=)Bonus account (=N=)Bonus Validity (Days)


You will use this app to do so online if you are tired of having to go out of the house or to pay bills for items such as Glo reload airtime.

In short, Glo E Top Up is the Best and Efficient Glo Recharge Code which is a simple and quick way to effortlessly buy airtime and info.

Much like all other airtime and data, airtime and data purchased using this means can be used.

You just need to make sure that your specific bill really works for the facility.

For a number of purposes, you would want to remain linked to the internet, which is why Glo’s services are so relevant.

Best and Efficient Glo Recharge Code is affordable, though is still a concern you’ll want to bear in mind.

There are so many things about online recharging that can make it more of a financial hassle in the long term, but with the right options, you can still overcome that. Check our official website for more information on how you can link your number to NIN, easy code to check data balance on your MTN line.