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This blog post discusses the list of programs offered by the Cairo University Faculty of Science with relative institutional knowledge as well as their graduate and undergraduate programs.

To enrich learning and science education, the Faculty of Science includes Graduates of college with a high degree of productivity and consistency, taking into account.

The ethics and values of the profession are taken into account to serve and fulfill the national aims of the state and to achieve this advancement.

Faculty of Science with their curricula and interfaces of basic education in the fields of basic science extends to enrich the intellectual, creative, and cultural life of individuals and community, alongside several other practices, initiatives, and scientific services.

An overview of Cairo University

Over the years, Cairo University has been renowned for effectively carrying out its goal of providing education, research, and cultural tasks. It is considered the mother university among other younger universities in Egypt.

 The University of Cairo also provides Arab, international students and scientists with its education and research facilities and has become well recognized around the world.

Cairo University is a comprehensive higher education institution situated in Giza, Egypt. It is committed to preparing students for the demands of a rapidly changing workplace.

With immersive learning and information technologies, our graduates join the workforce with the skills required to succeed in today’s global marketplace.

Established in 1908, the public university, one of the oldest institutions in the world, has about 230,000 students, about 3 percent of whom are from overseas.

Only 2% of the workers and 2% of the students at universities in Egypt come from outside the region.

Foreign students who are Cairo-based enjoy relatively low living costs and have some of the ancient attractions of the world on their doorstep.

With undergraduate programs in subjects ranging from pomology to physical therapy, the University of Cairo has more than 25 departments, including engineering, pharmacy, agriculture, and archaeology.

According to Ashraf Mahmoud Hatem, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt, while the official language of Egypt is Arabic, English is the ‘first language’ at universities.

The University of Cairo is ranked as the second-best university in Egypt and fifth on the continent in terms of rankings.

Cairo University is rated as the 481st best university in the world, according to the QS World University Rankings for 2018.

A well-known icon of Cairo University with its domed roof, the Grand Celebration Hall is the location of numerous cultural and artistic activities and can seat about 4,000 people. The Central Library contains other striking structures on campus.

The university’s composition.

With more than 207,000 concurrent students, Cairo University is known as a broad university. International citizens can apply to universities as well.

At CU, the ratio of international students is 3% of all students. More than 14 thousand experts make up the academic staff. For several educational institutions, CU has exchange arrangements.

CU Facilities. There is a working library at the university. Dormitories on and off-campus are provided to those who need accommodation. The university is part of the Federation of Islamic World Universities (FUIW).

About The Faculty of Science, Cairo University

On March 11, 1925, the Faculty of Science was created. Appendix El-Zaafran Saraya occupies El-Abbaseya.

The research at the college began the following sections were used at that time: (Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry-Botany-Zoology-Geology), where most of the staff members were working. They were foreign, but a few were Egyptians.

The Department of the Prof. Dr. /Ali Mustafa Meshrefa was in charge of mathematics-and after that, In May 1936, he became the first Egyptian College Dean.

The Entomology Department was then set up in 1948. In 1950, the faculty was relocated from the El-Zaafran Saraya annex at El-Zaafran to its current location on the Giza campus of the university.

The Department of Meteorology and Astronomy was subsequently established in 1966. The faculty was recently completed with the 1982 establishment of the Departments of Geophysics and Biophysics.

Goals Faculty of Science, Cairo University

Strategic goals 

The Faculty of Science is committed to achieving the general mission of the university.

these are the following core beliefs and principles, and will continue to expand on them and extend the basis of these principles:

  • Innovative boost and analysis of processes for curriculum design in a sequence
  • High quality services for teaching and learning activities that
  • Students regularly participate in small group activities.
  • Providing education in an atmosphere of high quality, communicating amongst
  • Peers, the creation of possibilities and incentives that foster autonomous independence
  • Education and education workers to achieve creativity, quality, Expressiveness.
  • Showing essential characteristics of thinking, job, and schooling, learning the climate, productivity, and outcomes.

Vision Faculty of Science, Cairo University

The Faculty of Science strives to gain accreditation and accreditation ambitiously. At the national and international level, visibility.

This is a product of its Overall leadership in innovating experiences in education and research in all research areas.

We aim to establish and maintain a separate community of citizens. Software that achieves the needs of society.

In academic guidance, the College of Science has a pioneering role. Student therapy and the introduction of methods that concentrate on Collective work to enhance the student situation in all educational areas Backgrounds.

Both members of the faculty team, employees, and students work within the university campus and together to boost the academic picture Local Culture.

Faculty of Sciences

Entomology and a healthy environment

Single Chemistry Department






Single physics department

Aerospace Science

Single Space Science Department

Department of Communication Physics

Department of Astronomy


Department of Computer Science

Chemistry department

Solo Mathematics

Department of Biophysics Solo

Department of Geology

Department of Geophysics Solo

Physics department

Mathematics department

Single Statistics Section


Computer Science

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