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Explore courses under the faculty of engineering at Alexandria University which has evolved as a major recognized sector from Alexandria University.

Established at the University of King Fuad 1 (Cairo) at the beginning of the academic year 1942-1941. Its branch in Alexandria preparatory class was in Arts and Crafts school at ElShatbi.

The total number of staffs in the university is enough to ensure the smooth running of all activities. Visit here to access the official website to the pdfs for the institution.

Also, the students have a healthy relationship with the staffs which is one of the most important ethics in the university.

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There are about 10 important buildings in the university but only 6 of the buildings is famous majorly because of their Pharaonic Style. The buildings are listed down below;

  • Administration building
  • Preparatory building
  • Mechanical departments building
  • Textile engineering building
  • Production workshop
  • Electrical Engineering workshop
  • Electrical departments building
  • The clinic building
  • Student Activity building
  • SSP building
  • Sport building (the institution makes provisions for different sports like tennis and basketball)

The Faculty of engineering has long since produced notable alumni in the country. I’d say GREAT!! To such an achievement.

Comment below the alumnus you know out of the list of alumni below:

Notable alumni

  • Mohamed Rasheed (Former Egyptian Minister of Industry and foreign trade)
  • Azer Bestavros Warren (Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at Boston University, best known for his work on web push caching for Content Distribution Networks)
  • Moustafa Youssef (Egyptian Computer Scientist and Engineer. First and only ACM Fellow in the Middle East and Africa)
  • Yahya El Mashad (Egyptian nuclear physicist)
  • Hassaballah El Kafrawy (Former Minister of Development, Reconstruction, Housing, New Communities, Public Utilities and Land Reclamation (1977–1993)
  • Mohamed Hashish (Egyptian research scientist best known as the father of the abrasive water jet cutter)
  • Mohamed Abdou (Egyptian nuclear Engineer)


The Faculty of Engineering comprises of various departments that firmly make up the courses studied within the jurisdiction of engineering.

And the list of this departments are written below:

NOTE: not every course under these departments will be listed but if you have the interest to know more about the various courses in this faculty, visit here

Engineering Mathematics and Physics

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Mechanics
  • Physics
  • Engineering Drawing and Geometrical Projection

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Architectural Engineering

  • Architectural Design Fundamentals
  • Building Construction
  • Visual Studies & Theory of Colors
  • Computer in Architecture
  • History of Architecture
  • Theories of Architecture
  • Environment Control in Buildings  
  • Architectural Design
  • Execution Design
  • Theory of structures
  • Properties and Testing of Materials
  • Technical Systems in Buildings  

Structural Engineering

  • Theory of Structures
  • Testing and Properties of Materials
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Construction Engineering
  • Modern Methods for Structural Analysis
  • Management of Engineering

Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulics

  • Hydrology
  • Hydraulics
  • Design of advanced irrigation systems
  • Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
  • Applied hydraulics

Transportation Engineering

  • Surveying and Topography
  • Civil drawing
  • Engineering Geology
  • Surveying and Topography
  • Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering
  • Applications of new technologies and instruments in surveying
  • Engineering
  • Alignment and setting out of civil engineering projects

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Sanitary Engineering

  • Water Supply Engineering
  • Sanitary Engineering
  • Wastewater Engineering
  • Environmental protection Engineering
  • Environmental Sciences

Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Fundamentals and Measurements of Fluid Flow and Heat
  • Mechanical Drawing
  • Mechanics of Machinery
  • Computer Aided Mechanical Drawing
  • Thermodynamics
  • Computer Applications in Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Design

Textile Engineering

  • Drawing and machine construction
  • Raw material and fiber physics
  • Design and theory of textile Machinery
  • Spinning technology
  • Weaving preparation
  • Textile technology
  • Yarn physics and testing
  • Textile quality control
  • Technology of yarn production

Production Engineering

  • Materials Technology
  • M/C Tool Elements Drawing
  • Foundry and Welding
  • Operations Research
  • Machining processes
  • Forming Technology
  • Theory of Metal Cutting
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Dimensional Metrology
  • Machine Tool Elements Design
  • Theory of Machines
  • Plasticity and Metal Forming
  • Theory & Design of M/C Tools
  • Geometrical Metrology
  • Facilities Layout & Design
  • Production Planning & Control
  • Advanced M/C Tools – Automatic Control
  • Advanced Metrology Systems
  • Mechatronic Systems
  • Advanced Material Technology
  • Quality Control

Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture

  • Ship Machinery Drawing
  • Naval Architecture
  • Ship Structural Analysis
  • Ship and Machinery Drawing
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Ship Construction
  • Computer Programming
  • Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines
  • Material Technology
  • Probabilistic Methods in Marine Systems

Electrical Engineering

  • Electric Circuits
  • Modern Physics
  • Introduction to Energy Systems
  • Electric and Electronic Measurements
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits
  • Introduction to Logic Circuits and Programming
  • Electric Circuit Analysis
  • Microprocessor Fundamentals
  • Electromagnetic Fields
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Electric Power Engineering
  • Electric Machines
  • Control and Computer Applications
  • Measurement Systems
  • Introduction to Integrated Circuits
  • Power Electronics
  • Protection of Power Systems
  • Automatic Control Engineering
  • Electric Engineering Materials

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Computer and Systems Engineering

  • Computers and programming
  • programming
  • probability theory and it’s applications in computers
  • data structures
  • computer fundamentals
  • computer mathematics
  • statistical methods for computers
  • digital systems
  • numerical analysis and its applications in computers
  • systems and components programming
  • linear control systems
  • micro systems
  • digital nonlinear control
  • analysis of algorithms

Nuclear and Radiation Engineering

  • Modern Physics
  • Introduction to Engineering Materials Science
  • Introduction to Nuclear & Radiation Engineering
  • Properties & Testing of Nuclear Materials
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Thermodynamics & Kinetic
  • Theory of Gases
  • Radiation Safety
  • Nuclear Reactors Materials
  • Radiochemistry
  • Heat Transfer
  • Materials Radiobiology
  • Simulation of Nuclear Power Stations
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Characterization Techniques

Chemical Engineering

  • Engineering chemistry
  • Programmed calculations for chemical engineers
  • Organic chemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Surfaces chemistry and phase equilibria
  • Inorganic and analytical chemistry
  • Materials science  
  • Chemical processes
  • Engineering metallurgy
  • Chemical engineering fundamentals
  • Thermodynamics in chemical engineering
  • Heat transfer
  • Fluid flow engineering
  • Separation processes

The Faculty of Engineering also makes provision for the students’ essential services. Through some designated units, the university has been able to execute these projects successfully. Examples of these units are:

  • Quality Assurance Unit
  • E-Service Unit
  • Engineering Center
  • Math Center
  • Production Unit
  • Faculty Labs
  • Faculty Libraries

Procedures for applying to the institution

  • To apply to the institution, you have to upload your passport and certificate
  • Students can use e-payment for tuition and other payments
  • Applicants’ results will be announced within 3 to 6 working days from the date of admission

Scholarship and grants

‘‘Alexandria University is announcing Master& Doctoral degree scholarships for students from the Nile Basin Countries to study in Alexandria University starting the fall semester of 2018/2019 on a competitive basis.

The scholarship includes waving of tuition fees only for the duration of the study (maximum 3 years for master degree and 5 years for doctoral degree)’’

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Application procedure DYCLAM mobility

  • A CV, in French or in English in Europass format (with photo)
  • Certified photocopy of the Bachelor degree (or equivalent) with French or English certified translation
  • Certified photocopy of transcripts with French or English certified translation
  • Language proficiency (French: DALF C1, English: IELTS 6, TOEFL 550, TOEFL internet-based at least 90, TOIC at least 650)
  • 2 recommendation letters in French or in English
  • A letter of motivation (both typed and hand-written) in French or in English
  • A scan of your passport/national ID
  • A scan of your birth certificate (with certified translation in French or English)
  • A resident or professional certificate proving your current home address


Join Student Accommodation

The accommodation for students of the university was established with the strong aim of providing for the student a conducive environment.

It can contain about 5460 students conveniently and providing a feeling of HOME fro students

The available facilities within the hostels include kitchens, dining rooms, laundries, cafeterias, gymnasiums, playgrounds, TV, radio and music rooms, theatre and reading rooms.

Even within the accommodation, students get to create a social, athletic, and intellectual program with the purpose of maintaining a good human relationship with each other.

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