Midwestern Career College – Training Courses, Prices and Opportunities

Midwestern Career College is majorly dedicated to its oath of providing education with cultural value and learning. At this institution, both the locals and international students are encouraged to study here.

Which also gives international the atmosphere to learn a language that will push them to success.

The institution is a private school established for-profit aim and located in Chicago, Illinois. Also, the school has an open admissions policy.

Training courses in this institution are divided into two which are the associate of applied science and English language training.

Later on, the two-division will be sub-divided into various departments they provide.

The institution is comprising of different people with various kinds of cultural identification.

The school is dominantly preoccupied with black or African Americans with 41%.

While the Caucasian takes 22%, Hispanic/Latino takes 18% and other ethnic groups from Asia, Alaska Native and American Indian shares other percentages amongst themselves.

The institution is opened to all kin of ethnicity! Why? Because it doesn’t discriminate which race to be in school or not.

Also, if your gender is male, don’t get discouraged because females dominate the institution with a percentage of 84% while the male takes the other percentage.

Good News! The school makes available employment services for students. Isn’t that superb?

Also, it has few services it renders to students and such services are:

  • Placement services for completers
  • Academic/career counseling service
  • Remedial services
  • Library facilities at the institution

Admission process

It is an easy task to embark on because the school’s official website is user-friendly. There are processes to follow while applying for admission here

  • Register for an Info Session with the Program Director
  • Schedule a Campus Visit to Begin the Admission Process
  • Pay Application Fee of $60
  • Begin the Financial Aid Process

Basic requirements

  • 250-300 word essay (We will email you with details on the topic)
  • Entrance exams covering arithmetic and reading comprehension
  • Provide a copy of valid, government-issued photo ID
  • Proof of having earned a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Fill out and sign the enrollment agreement packet (which includes a background check authorization)
  • Attend a program information session and faculty interview
  • Satisfy all program-specific admissions requirements as listed in the catalog

Associate of Applied Science In

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technology
  • Noninvasive Cardiovascular Sonography
  • Surgical Technology
  • Diagnostic Medical Imaging Radiography

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English Language Training

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Professional English (ESL)
  • English for Academic Purposes (ESL)
  • Vocational English as a Second Language
  • English Skills for Success
  • Integrated Communication Skills in English
  • Interpersonal Communication in the United States
  • Presentation Skills for English Language Learners
  • Professional English
  • Workplace Writing English for English Language Learners
  • English for Healthcare

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Household IncomeAverage cost
Less than $30,000$15,541

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Financial aid

Many windows of free financial aids are opened to students which assist them in facing their academic without any kind of financial distractions.

Although, the scholarship will not cover your accommodation instead its covers the tuition fees and other major academic requirements.

Few of the financial aids are mentioned below with their worth:

Grant or scholarship aid – $5,901

Federal Grants – $5,695

Pell grants – $5,553

Other federal grants – $360

State/local government grant or scholarships – $6,466

Institutional grants or scholarships – $300

Student loan aid – $7,953

Federal student loans – $6,634

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The Most Focused for Health Professions – ranked 26 out of 2796

Most Focused for Allied Health Professions – ranked 14 out of 1321

Ethnic Diversity – ranked 640 out of 3789

Location Diversity – ranked 2578 out of 3515

Most Popular for Allied Health Professions – ranked 141 out of 1325

“Students come online asking different questions to settle their uncertainty and it’s important we share more light to the unknown…”

Is Midwestern Career College open?

Yes! The institution is widely opened like a flood gate. Henceforth, you can complete your admissions process without having to travel to the campus. Why? because the school operates remotely until a specific date and time.

How do I start my application process?

Firstly, it’s good you should know that the application process is easy and straight forward.

You can refer back to the top of this post and follow the instructions for the application.

Also, you can visit here to get more detailed information on how your application is done.

What programs are accepting applications?  

The following programs are resuming by spring/summer: Note that the first four programs are associate programs

If the pandemic continues, will I be able to start classes in spring?

Sure! You can still attend school but it will be in a different mode. What do I mean? Since the institution has decided to switch to online mode if the pandemic persists.

Therefore, every student gets to study from home, work, anywhere around the world with conveniences.

Buying materials for courses will be done online too.

How do I get more information on MCC’s programs?

Don’t go far looking for how to get more information on this program. go through the official web. However, they contain information sessions specially made for curious students.

Subsequently, you can ask questions via the comment section and I promise a fast delivery. Then to locate the institution, below are the details.

School details

100 S. Wacker Drive LL 1-50

Chicago, Illinois 60606

(312) 277-1007

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